• 05/08/2013 - Creeping
    See you're still creeping around here looking , Enter the world of Payne you soon See / Feel so much more rather than just looking Darlings, Guess I'm you're get away car but I do get to touch your mind for now , cause I know I can , But when I smile excitement comes your way, but what comes your way when your in my presence, we shall see it through, ??? ! You know Payne will do so In many ways play it cool but leave you hot , , I'm more than a woman, Sooooo much more cause guess I'm your everything, Would you be a fool to let me go or vise versa ???, .
  • 05/08/2013 - Darkest Hours
    Arrived At Last She Was to be good to be true when Mistress Elizabeth Payne , arrived at the International Dubai Airport I recognised her , .
  • 13/05/2013 - Hungry
    !! Darlings Why Dine At M & S ? ,Cum And Whine / Dine With Me, At S & M !! Were I Will Eat You Up & Spit You Out  Were Theirs A Variety To Choose From The Menu,  Plenty To Go Round, That You Want And Love To Cum Back For More.
  • 12/05/2013 - Spanking
    So Your Behaviour Needs To Be Dealt With ?, Your Sins You Need To Confess,  It Is I, Who Decides How Your Punishment Should Be Administered, Whether It Be Over My Knee Or The Bench / Chair.
  • 28/04/2013 - Car Breakdown
  • 28/04/2013 - Promise or Say
    Darlings Don't Say To Me Over The Phone,.
  • 24/04/2013 - Someday
    Darlings Someday .
  • 23/04/2013 - Feelings
    The Room He Found Himself In ,Was Dressed For Payne.
  • 15/04/2013 - Dreams
    Only In Dreams I'm Yours, I Walk With You As Well As Talk / Touch / Control You, But When The Dawning Awakes You Then You Find Me Gone.
  • 15/04/2013 - Meet Me
    For Those Who Have Not Met Me Yet I Am The Rose That Blooms Against The Thorns I Know My Head And Looks Can Be Deceiving, A Girl Will Play With Your Mind .

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