About Me

It is my dominance and your subservience to me is all that is required of you.  Always remember your place is beneath me at all times.  I am a well established Professional Mistress with a fully equipped under ground dungeon, to which has safe parking facilities.  I am not currently looking for a relationship with any man, or do I have any vacancies for a house maid, or a personal servant. The one I have now has been of service to me for many years and I am pleased with his trust, faithfulness, loyalty and his respect to me through out his time spent with me.

Should a position arise, I shall advertise.

New Offering: Elizabeth Payne can also be your agony aunt. Giving advice or answering your sexual problems. She's only a phone call away, or email through her website.


MISTRESS ELIZABETH wishes and will not enter into long protracted email debates with slaves She has never sessioned with, or into long phone converstions so keep your initial email short. AND CALLS SHORT also she does not accept apts via email not unless she knows the slave and has sessioned with him .I deal only with the mature male from 35year upwards.

Please Note !! All Slaves/Subs I Have Not Sessioned With Before Are Required To Make A Deposit. No Excuses Or Exceptions, This Allows Genuine Slaves To Visit Me, and Secures Your Appointment With Myself, Yes All VerySafe & Secure, I Don't Get To See Your Details. 

Deposits are non-refundable.  The only exception being when I cancel the appointment myself.

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