• 02/08/2015 - Manor Porn
    Thy Kingdom cum, thy will be done.
  • 03/03/2015 - The Landlord and the Witch
    or, How Jealousy, Spite and Hatred came to threaten Love, Beauty and Enlightenment Once upon a time, in The Land of Make-Believe, there was peace and harmony.
  • 29/10/2014 - Cruise
    Elizabeth loved her Cruises but also enjoyed the many views of the Semen working hard beneath lower deck and top deck.
  • 24/10/2014 - Secret Recipe
    Like a good chief, Mistress Elizabeth Payne has all the ingredients to hand, sometimes she adds more or takes out, depending upon one's taste that she can also enjoy.
  • 23/10/2014 - Again
    Mistress Elizabeth Payne will State.
  • 23/10/2014 - Cum Get It Slave
    You do realise slave I can do anything I want ?.
  • 19/10/2014 - Spanking pt.2
    Yes Miss Payne I've been a real Bad bad boy I know you're going to either put me over your knee or your Bench, and give me the Spanking I deserve and show me and teach me not to be such a real bad boy I know I've nothing to be ashamed of as I go over your knee and feel your fingers roll down my pants .
  • 19/10/2014 - The Game
    You want To play But wish to keep inside a Dark closet Knowing Payne Never Felt So Good I carry this writing to all, whilst many of you can only wish .
  • 18/10/2014 - Piss Sluts
    Mistress Elizabeth Payne sits high upon her Throne, her magic purse slit peeps open, Dribbles dribbles then lets go, Flocks of Golden Nectar she pours from her Cunting cunt  Up her 1 hand star.
  • 27/05/2014 - The Cuckold's Vows
    Sitting at his office desk looking at the papers that required his signature , but unable to concentrate, his thoughts were upon Elizabeth.

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