Window Shop Kidnap

Peter was walking down the street.
He had time to kill before his job interview.
He was window shopping but also decided to use his time to partake in his fetish.
Watching women wearing leather gloves.
He would rate them when he saw them and imagine if they would be able to dominate him.
Strange but it had been with him since childhood.
As he was walking, he noticed a blonde on the same side of the pavement.
He noticed she was wearing long black leather gloves, with bangles over them. She was also wearing a white blouse, a black pencil skirt and long leather boots.
She was definately in the yes she could dominate him camp, he thought.
As she was getting closer, he could hear the rattle of her bangles.
He realised he was staring at her hands and looked away.
He hoped she hadnt noticed.
Just as he got next to her, she spoke to him.
'Do you have the time please?' She asked.
Flustered, he said 'yes'
Just at the moment he looked down at his wrist, she swiftly kicked him in the groin.
Lights flashed in his head as the pain shot through his body.
He fell to his knees, gasling for air, clutching at his balls in the hope that he could stem the pain.
His eyes were watering as he gasped in . Through his tears, he could see the woman move to his right and slide the side door of a van open.
He felt her come behind him and put her arms in his armpits and help him to rise a little .
She guided him shuffling into the van, where she pushed him in.
He fell down on his face but managed to roll onto his back, still clutching his groin in the hope the pain would go away.
She climbed in and closed the door of the van.
There was a light on but he couldnt see clearly as his eyes where still full of tears.
He could hear her shuffling about, he bangles rattling in a hypnotic manor.
Whe she turned round, he noticed something in her hands. 
He blinked trying to clear his vision.
He noticed it was a black rubber medical gas mask.
She began to lower it down over his nose and mouth.It sat firm upon his face as she held it tightly. with those black leather gloved hands dressed and encased with silver bangles, the jangle of them as if danceing upon her wrist as her hands made a move onto him.
He released a hand from his groin to try and push the mask away as he heard the hiss of the gas.
Still gulping air from the kick, he breathed in a lung full of gas and his head started to swim imediately.
He tried to hold his breath so as not to breathe in any more gas and to try and push her hand away.

It was useless all he could do was breath in the gas, his eyes rolling from side to side, then back to her eyes.

Her lips smileing back at him then She Spoke !! Breath It in dont fight it !!. Then her Wickerd Laugh, he heard or what seemed at a distance.

He than felt his torso go into a spasm of convoulsion . He began to feel afraid alone then just as  quickly  another  feeling came over him , as if floating out of his body like an out of body experience. He began to drift into another dimension , a feeling he never recognised or knew excisted  , but it was a beautiul feeling , of not careing anymore. he was loseing control ,  It was her now in control of him,

His eyes  flickering , wanting to speak cry out !! Why Why Me ?  he tried to speak but his speech was paralyzed   he glanced at her  noticing as her hand was ready to pump more gas into the mask. All  his nostrils could do was  breath in more of what she was now ready to administer at the push of a button  Whilst his body was now unable to put up a fight  just   like his speech Paralyzed helpless he knew he was, 

 His hand  tried to grip around her wrist

All he could feel was leather and metal bangles.
He pushed with all his weakened strength.
With her free hand, she gripped his balls, sending a shooting pain through his body.
Again, he gasped and took in another mouthful of gas.
He heard her speak, her voice sound far away and sounding muffled.
'Its nearly over, a few more deep breathes and the worst will be done. In and out. In and out' she said. I want to see your lungs rise In and Out  !!Thats It she laughed Now again !!
He could feel himself drifting into blackness and with it the pain in his groin started to fade with.
That was a good thing, he thought and did just as she said and took in a few more gulps of the gas.
Blackness decended but as his eyes closed for the final time, he was sure he caught a glimps of her smiling.
He was going to be late for his interview he thought, but what the hell did she have in store for him?
Then he passed out.

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