Time Wasters

Time Wasters Please Note A Mistress / Master. From Almost Anywhere In The World !! Can And Have Being Doing So For Some Time, !! Been Posting Messages To Name and Shame Time Wasters / Disrespectful / Dangerous /Subs / Sissies / Slaves !! Yes Telephone Numbers / Email Address / Skype / Y.M Identity / Social Networking , Sites They Crawl To .... As The Mistress / Master We Add The Useful Information To A Site That Other Mistresses / Masters Read And Have Also Added Posts To The Said Mentioned Above, To Warn Other Mistresses / Masters, Like Myself As I Would Do Them , If You Are A Genuine Sub / Sissy / Sub / Slave ..You Nothing To Fear. It's Those Out There Who Know What They Are ,That Need To Fear Of Being Named & Shamed, If Not Already, Have Been Publishied For Viewing... . Even If They Decide To Change There Identity Etc , As Many Times They Wish Too Its. Not Long Before A Mistress / Master Will Recognise You Again And Your Name Is Put Back Up On The Site Along Side Of Your Old Identity /Identities ? ....Yes The Site Gets Up Dated Monthly And Read On Regular Basis By The Mistresses / Master ,In What Ever County Etc They Reside In 
Ohhh And A Certificate Is Awarded And Published With Names Of The Worst Time Wasters Etc
Now Isn't That Humiliating ?

Perhaps their mother was like a door knob.  Gave everyone else a turn ...Thats Why Such People ... Time Wasters Etc.... Turn Out And
Becum Knobs / Wankers Themselves And Wank Over There Thoughts On Trying To Be Smart In Their Behavior Towards Mistresses /Masters

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