Think of me

Do You Think Of Me When You're With Her ?

Of  The Memories We Shared, All We Did Or I Successfully  Fulfilled , Accomplished Your  Deepest Desire Within, Whether  It Was Normal /  Kinky  /   Perverted, Ask Yourself  What Is Normal,  I   Have Been Asked The Question , !!  Mistress Is This Normal , In What I Require & A  Need So Much To  Be The Satisfying Darkest Side Of Me  And Enlightenment Of My Life Perhaps A Secret I Wish To Hide. 

My Reply !! You Contacted Me I Not You , Yes You Rang Numbers,    Knowing There Are Only  Certain  Women Such As Myself , Yes We  Or I Understand You're Needs,  Were Other Women Do Not , Perhaps  Or Don't Wish To Entertain. 

I Have Done My Part You Are Satisfied , Here You Are Once Again  Before  Me,  Whether It By Phone / kneeling / Standing . That's All That Matters,  You Belong To Me Now Remember  Just For A Limited Time Darling, Or How Long You Can Afford Me  For ?. !! I'm Only On Loan To This World , !! We All Have A  Price To Pay !! What's Yours ?? I Can Make You An Offer,  But Can You Refuse ? I Can Mmmm

I Smile At The Thought.  

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