The Landlord and the Witch

How Jealousy, Spite and Hatred came to threaten Love, Beauty and Enlightenment

Once upon a time, in The Land of Make-Believe, there was peace and harmony. The ruler of The Land of Make-Believe, Mistress Elizabeth Payne, held dominion over those who chose of their own free will to cross the border and enter her fantasy world, and she was gracious to those of her acolytes who demonstrated fealty by offering generous gifts. 

The Land of Make-Believe is not a country, it is a sanctuary where those who prefer not to be bound by constraints imposed in The World Outside come and indulge their innermost private fantasies and fetishes. The door to The Land of Make-Believe creaks open, the devotee steps inside, the door swings shut, creating a cocoon-like sensation, warm, low-light, red, purple, black, strange shapes, the sharp click of Elizabeth’s stilettos on the laminated floor. The World Outside is banished and a new, better reality takes its place, where the devotee is free to metamorphose into something radiant. As the acolyte’s eyes adjust to the light, shapes come into focus, here a cross of St. Andrew, there a padded bench, a motorised hoist, chains, restrainers, all manner of whips, paddles, panties, shoes, basques, wigs, masks, stockings, suspenders, dresses, persuaders, humblers, spreaders, gags, dildos, plugs, rubber, PVC, leather: the instruments of Elizabeth’s justice and the costumes she wears whilst dispensing it. It is hot and humid in The Land of Make-Believe, thick with Elizabeth’s aphrodisiac perfume, heavy with her musk, her cigarette smoke, her gently perspiring body, all mingling erotically with the scent of the spilt juices of previous disciples, an atmosphere redolent of cock, cunt and promise.

Elizabeth welcomes all: men, women, straight, gay, black, white, singles, couples, young, old, on condition that they first pay her their homage, then confess their deepest, darkest secrets, the better to enable her to conjure an appropriate treatment, and finally to subjugate themselves to her justice, where her whimsy and caprice are given full rein. Elizabeth at a canter commands attention: disciples and acolytes cross her at their peril and quail when she whinnies, wondering if she will kick out; at full gallop, the sense of power that radiates from her every pore is overwhelming, irresistible, seductive, compelling, bewitching, captivating, hypnotic, spine-tingling, and you, her subject, are powerless to resist – she will do with you as she sees fit, and make you beg for more… When she has finished with you, you will return to The World Outside in some way chastened, but with a feeling of enormous self-worth, secure in the knowledge that a bond of trust exists between you and your Mistress, for what comes to pass in The Land of Make-Believe stays there. The bond between Dominatrix and disciple has to be unshakable, stronger than the bond between man and wife, for the sharing of deeply intimate secrets, so vital for a fulfilling experience for both parties, requires absolute honesty and without trust, there would be no honesty. Trust is implicit in the relationship between a Dominatrix and a Masturbatrix; it is pivotal, central to the experience. It cannot, must not, be betrayed. 

And yet, dark clouds have appeared that threaten the very trust without which Mistress Elizabeth Payne cannot rule.

At the border between The Land of Make-Believe and The World Outside, transactions occur. Not the transactions of homage that take place in The Land of Make-Believe but of a different sort, which are needed to create and maintain The Land of Make-Believe. One of these transactions was, and remains, to secure the sanctuary in which our beautiful Mistress has created the place that so many of us love. A man, the Landlord, who was trustworthy for many years, rented the accommodation in which Elizabeth worked hard to create The Land of Make-Believe for her disciples.

One day, the Landlord met and fell under the spell of a Witch and was seduced into marriage. Now husband and wife, they moved into the Landlord’s property and, after a short time, the Witch learned of The Land of Make-Believe. She sowed seeds of malice in The Landlord’s mind that sprouted into greed. He was encouraged by the Witch to believe he held some power over our dearest Mistress, and he disrespectfully demanded a slice of the homages paid to her by her acolytes and disciples, in addition to the agreed rent! Elizabeth was rightly outraged at this preposterous demand and reminded the Landlord of the rent she paid and told him he would be committing a crime if he received money from her homages, for The World Outside would interpret her earnings as immoral. The Landlord became angry and in an impotent rage he told the Witch of what had happened. The Witch fuelled his greed and lust, seeding the idea that she, the Witch, should earn money as Mistress Elizabeth’s assistant and he, The Landlord, could spy on them all through secret spy-holes, cock in hand! The Landlord was sent to Elizabeth with this message and over a period of days and weeks he wheedled and cajoled our wonderful Mistress until, against her better judgment, she capitulated and agreed to let the Witch into The Land of Make-Believe. But the Witch was not good at her new job and was not convincing even in the simplest fantasies. Frustrated by her failure, the Witch showed her true colours, thieving from disciples and acolytes that which she had not the skill, imagination or wit to earn. But the Witch was not clever, and she was found out: Mistress Elizabeth Payne expelled her from The Land of Make-Believe, forever banishing her to The World Outside.

The Witch became ever-more resentful of the beauty and success of our dear Mistress, and in her jealousy and spite, she began to ignore the carnal needs of her husband and so it was, when she was away from home, he began to seek solace in The Land of Make-Believe…

After a while, the Witch became suspicious of her husband, because he no longer ‘tried it on’ with her, a direct result of having his innermost desires thoroughly sated by our loving Mistress. The truth was that he, the Landlord, no longer needed the services of his wife, the Witch. She confronted him about it but he was weak, and lied to her, for he was afraid that if he told her the truth, she would leave him. Instead of the truth, the Landlord told the Witch that our precious Mistress had offered services in lieu of rent! Thus it was, in his weakness, that he broke the bond of trust with Elizabeth, and the Witch’s jealousy and spite grew into blind hatred as she imagined what might have happened between her spineless husband and the exquisite Mistress Elizabeth Payne. 

And well may her imagination have run riot for she is a mousy, shrivelled, humourless harridan capable only of the negative emotions of jealousy, spite and hatred, whereas Elizabeth is a beautiful, proud woman, capable of great love and warmth and charity, whose only sin, if sin it be, was to offer these fine qualities to the Landlord in his hour of need. In her wrath and disbelief at what might have happened, the Witch set about destroying the reputation of our glorious Mistress Elizabeth. As is the case with all cowards, she did not have the courage to confront Elizabeth directly and instead, she launched an anonymous smear campaign in the bars frequented by our beautiful Mistress in The World Outside; she used the techniques of the cyber-bully, emailing and texting lies and rumours to our graceful Mistress and to those close to her; most unforgivable of all, she spread rumours about the nature of the relationship between our sublime Mistress and her loving son, a vicious calumny too vile to speak of further… May that Witch hang her head in eternal shame.

Thus it came to pass that the rule of Mistress Elizabeth Payne and her dominion in The Land of Make-Believe were, out of jealousy, spite, hatred and lies, threatened. Fellow acolytes, disciples, worshippers, let us be clear and say with one voice: The World Outside would be diminished without that door to The Land of Make-Believe. We would look back wistfully at that which had once been, a sanctuary where we went to succour our needs, where pleasure and pain were no longer distinguishable, where fantasy became reality, where we worshipped at the altar of Payne, where we lived fabulous fantasies denied to all but the initiated, the converted, the addicted and she, our Mistress Elizabeth Payne, created and administered that place for us. We salute her! We want her!

We reject the slander and libel directed at Mistress Elizabeth Payne; we reject that spineless, cowardly creature, the Witch, and her impotent rage born of spite and lies; we know that it was fascination with a bright star that was the author of her jealousy, a star that shines so brightly that her own dullness was laid bare for all to see; we know that hatred was the germ of her disease and we know it will be terminal.

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