The Game

You want To play
But wish to keep inside a Dark closet
Knowing Payne Never Felt So Good

I carry this writing to all, whilst many of you can only wish .. But many have made there wish come true with myself. Beyond all. It's you who that would like to taste and understand as other's before you have already done so.

There lies all in many a mind that creates all, many have and understood but who would like to and wants to understand the extraordinary world of Mistress Elizabeth, Who strikes a mind like lightning.  Yes it's the awakening to all Desires but lies Deep within its Darkness.  For those that wish to participate she carries no harm.  Some have admitted their powerless already made their searching to turn their own Desires or Filthy Secrets into reality, whilst others only play and practice.  Humbly you request of me can you play ?? !!  Yes it is I Mistress Elizabeth Payne who has the last word as you have been honoured and been privileged by myself in speaking the first words in asking.. But the decision is mine only, not yours.

Whilst you have your sanity make a list of all you desire and what you don't want to lose from me. ?... If you have never sessioned with myself before, Will it be your mind or parts of your body or all of you that you so wish to give me ? Perhaps it could be your left / right nipple , or even either one of your testicles or perhaps your pathetic cock that hangs between your thighs but Salutes me at all times whether I'm with you or not , or could it be your Asshole !! As it's Virginal ones I do always remember, which do you really value and wish to keep or lose most of all..., Ask yourself the Question only you can answer that or can you ??...For your mind or your body won't be your own . Once entering her Darkness, yes it's no good wondering or dreaming about it, is it?

You know you want it. In all in what I've described and have to offer and soooo much more. If You're Trying to hide it into the back of your mind it will only end up being like sand in your hands just slipping away into a memory until you want to feel it again.
Mmmmm What's wrong with that? You tell me.

My Payne is yours. I'm the Queen of Hearts to whom has plenty of Diamonds, but I am not the Joker in this game . If it's your desire to play...1st place your money, but always remembering Winner takes all.
What have you to lose? Yes I've asked you that question before did you think I had forgotten more fool you. I hold my cards close to my chest whilst others hold their hands close elsewhere
The game can be played with just two players or more if required to make it more exciting, I will spread your mind and body like a deck of cards, Rules being that you always remember that it is you who is the game and I am the player. The game plays the game and what is a game without the player ? ...The further one enters the deeper it gets , but you find yourself wanting to continue to play. But drastic measures will be taken and desires awakened . I will take your hand as you take mine. Then the doors will close there's no escape .
I will empty your mind for you have no mind of your own whilst in my presence, but what you've got I'm willing to work alongside with. You can only look and surrender finding your powerless over my rulings 
Power and Control , Yes it's you that has that fear but cannot control. But playing is Payne and Pleasure, Life is Suffering.. How many have suffered and have been pleasured how many more will there be to feel the Metal / Leather ?

Yes all was there already as one can imagine all was marked not to mention ones mind ,everything hung Chains / Cuffs / Masks / Whips not to mention Sissy clothing plus so much more than the eyes were allowed to see or couldn't . She has so much to dress you in than any high street shop .But yet strips you of your identity, and would sarcastically Laugh or Snarl or do both and say !! Darling you wear it so well.... But Mistress Elizabeth Payne is like a Mannequin herself in a shop window that oozes with style dresses with class . But without a price tag attached , , Meaning Expensive but you still want to look and buy. But many try to copy. 
But there is nothing like Payne to dress your mind / body in she is like a book you want to read but cannot understand but wish too...Her teachings are old but many a new Slave who wishes to become an old Slave and depends upon her authority and teachings she has accomplished without a plan and doesn't or need to compete with others. ,But gives a whole new birth to what is required and requested from her to give unto others . She can step back knowing her work is complete knowing the Icing is on the cake whilst she sips her Champagne. Yes one must enter her Domain that can be found within a City / Town .. Your mind may tell you it's wrong , !! But You Do Know What's Right For You !! Don't You ? .Temptation is hard to resist ,.... Isn't it time to walk away from the Light and step into the Darkness .Yes Your almost there Darling just take those few steps extra further ,

Many but few do make a decision and turn over there free will and come to Believe and See and Learn ... !! That their is Power greater than their own

As visions appear and you realise you don't need any more additives to visualise Mistress Elizabeth Payne for all she is and stands for. You just want to feel Payne .Sunshine may light up your days but.Payne lights up your mind even when you think or call her or whisper her name. It gives you a Fever that's so hard to bare knowing she's going to treat you bad and blow your mind. Payne is not a new thing but its something one must try . She makes you shake like a jellyfish but leaves you in cold hot sweats, .. Your Penis can be Erect and very intense with it's power yet screams and yells its purple head off for her. But she will remind you that you will never be the Stallion you want or long it to be, and it will only be complete within the Mistress power. To which only she will Allow or Deny you to Cum.

Men are born soft but she will harden you as if you were like an just like an Archery Bow. The Bottom upwards, the front bent downwards, She is ready to pull and stretch you to all limits through the strength of her arms .
Does the suffering ever cease you beg or cry out and crawl to her heels wanting mercy,. But there is no Mercy in the house of Payne only if she grants it .....
Yes she feeds ones dream as if you were attached to a medical drip... Slowly but surely, your tears can and will do so fall like wax thin paper from a candle ,To her But the flame lights up the fear in your eyes. There is no greater illusion than fear... If you think you have gone crazy well your not , For you are not alone and you have walked and entered with many others, but were many have feared .but Payne is here with you. and one can not explain the feeling until one has experienced it ,Once you've tasted you want to swallow more, Yes she's different and in Honour of her. You will take and receive more from her as you suffer and yield underneath her heels.  Yes she's now ready to Cane and Spank not to mention Torture another Bad bad boy . to which you want and Desire to taste for all you think and know it's worth .....!! Are you now ready ? If so come Taste it . If you think your a Bad Boy then relax and enjoy , She's Ready to give you Payne. ? She can only give you what she thinks you deserve 
Cum on Cum get it feel. The Payne even its just taste
Cum Play With me Mistress Elizabeth Payne 
You need to taste and feel her Payne then let her see your body do the talking. As you feel her Cruel but yet Beautiful Payne

As the Light in your eyes appears Dimmer and the Darkness of your Eyelids takes over whether they be covered by Blindfold / Hooded Masks. Or the Mistress may open your eyes wide and Spit into them allowing them to become very blurred, 
Yes you are now on your journey with Payne soon you will travel and you won't be called back to the awakening world you know of and belong to until you are un chained set free .Knowing your time with her closes
Now take a deep breath in ,the game is about to begin when you are ready the Mistress Will appear like magic and not just a dream . Let your mind open up to her and you will find everything will fall into place . That's when everything becomes Crystal clear. When you entered her Domain and doors were locked the game began but you always knew you would lose from the start but one can always play again instead of Solitaire, but like a Carpenter with his tools You find Mistress Elizabeth Payne will shape and mould you with her own tools of the trade.
And she can then step back knowing her Skills and work will last forever just like the Carpenter would also do.
But remember a plastic seed doesn't grow only real ones do.

Yes someday we may or will and even have been together.but for now I'm like a wishing well under a shining star, yes throw your Pounds in and not your Pennies. I'm worth a lot more than a Penny for your thoughts. If you had one wish it would be 
to taste all ??
Close your eyes let your mind be taken like a Spinning wheel. Let it turn slowly or fast and only when you have learnt the teaching it is yours to keep

Do Remember it is your job and time to wait and hang around for me and not mine for !! Time Wasters / Wannabees / Wankers ....They can only wish they made that Journey

But Darlings if you've Suffered Injuries or Whiplash on wasted journeys...... I Suggest you take a Payne-killer 
Mmmmm I Smile at the thought or thoughts
Yes Your a Bad bad boy. Or are you a Sinner Man

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