The Cuckold's Vows

Sitting at his office desk looking at the papers that required his signature , but unable to concentrate, his thoughts were upon Elizabeth. Yes she was the Queen Bee that loved to arrange the Beehive so all could keep Buzzing back for more, yes So S o Sweet , but also remembering she had one Hell of a Sting, Her words spoke aloud in his mind as if she was standing before him and laughing at him,

!! Darling I'm Not A Tease I'm Just A Reminder of What You Can't Have And My Lovers Can !!

But for all she was and to others, he worshipped the ground she walked upon, And his love for her grew more strongly, His mind wondering back to 18 years of knowing Elizabeth then a relationship turned into Marriage , , joining in Unholy Matrimony that Will end with Putting a Finger In The Ring , In there days of relationship she made the rules she would tell him when he could see her and must ask via phone if he could do so and accept her answer of either yes or no, , As there relationship developed more he was never allowed to kiss her only upon the cheek , Sex was out of the question he would ask her !! Elizabeth don't you think its time we got more Intimate ? She would smile and say !! Darling I'm worth waiting for but you can Wank in the mean time !! That he did do so many a time unknown to her , he would wank over imaging caressing her Breasts kissing her body giving her Oral Sex between her thighs fucking her love hole with his tongue onto her jeweled shaven cunt , Recalling a thought that happened to him with Elizabeth he found himself becoming excited his Cock growing , but as doing so he reached his hand down into his trousers and felt the chastity device she had imprisoned him with over womens panties she made him wear , there was no way of wanking over the thought of her .

She had granted him permission to see her that evening when he rang her to ask could he see her ? !! Ask me again she reply and he would do so , make it 8pm sharp dont be early or late and bring me a bottle of my favourite wine I shall leave the door open just in case I'm occupied on the phone etc , with that the phone line would go dead not even such words from her sweet red lips would say !! Looking forward Darling, But he was too excited he was seeing the woman whom he admired and secretly loved,
He arrived on time 8pm sharp the door was unlocked as she told maybe she hardly ever opened the door to him when she was expecting him , he called out her name he heard her voice from the hallway he stood in !! I'm in the bathroom I hope that wine chilled to my liking ? His voice stammering !! Yes just as you like it !! Bring it up she laughed, 

The bathroom door was half open sweet smell s of scent filling his nostrals soft classical music playing that seemed to be coming from another room , , He hesitated and knocked at the bathroom door !! Enter she said firmly, his eyes nearly fell out of his head seeing the sight of Elizabeth in a soap bubbly bath, her body naked beneath, lying back her blonde hair upon a bath pillow, were the glass ? she asked him she sent him to fetch the wine glass he returned placing the glasses upon the cabinet were the bottle of wine stood I Said !! glass not glasses pour me some wine !! He did as she asked well more like ordered him to too , her arm out stretched talking the full glass of wine from his then she lay back her head upon the the pillow and began to drink it , He didn't know were to look although he wanted to looknat her hisceyes wondering around the bathroom he felt awarkward, !! Take your jacket off !! Watching him as he did do so , his mind raced perhaps she wants me to join her in the bath was this the night he dreamed of having Sex with Elizabeth feeling a stir in his groin harding of his Cock, he turned towards her she handed him the empty glass fill it up , He filled her a glass of wine and asked !! Elizabeth shall I join you in the bath its big enough for us both to share ? !! No she said ive something else you can do roll up your shirt sleeve , his mind was confused, but at the same time he was hypnotised, her right leg appeared from beneath the bubbles !! Wash it she told him his hands went into the comforting water holding the calf of her leg he gently he began to wash it with the soapy sponge, as holding her left leg to do the same he was getting more aroused as he gently washed her bare flesh, how he wanted to run his fingers along her body instead of the sponge, Her nipples slipping in and under the water that moved her body. 

She stood up before him in the water, told him to wash in between her thighs, his eyes fell upon a shaven cunt it was not how he imagined Elizabeth's Cunt A Diamond embedded into her rose bud clit glistening from the soapy water that was running down wards from her thighs he wanted to wash it with tongue, his hands shaking as he did do so he continued to look as her thighs parted more so did her cunt lips, !! Enough she told him pour me another glass of wine, taking a one or two mouthful of the wine she handed him the glass back, she turned her round buttocks towards him dressed in falling soap suds !! Now wash my ass, he picked up the sponge from the water !! Not with that she yelled with your tongue !! She bent slightly over presenting her buttocks to his face , he was hesitant as he had never before been asked to do such a task from any other woman he dated let alone thought of doing, Oral on a vagina yes but Asshole never, but at the same time seeing Elizabeth in such a position he was over excited he could feel his Cock straining beneath his trousers as if he was about to explode his spunk there and then, he began to Lick off the remaining soap suds !! Harder with your tongue she ordered him he began to Lick harder, her right hand reached around to her right buttock she stretched it to one side and said !! You've been staring at my ass for some months well now it's in a better and beautiful position to be viewed but yours only to Clean / Touch with your Tongue, now clean my Asshole !! Spreading her buttocks with his fingers and looking at her yes indeed it was an Asshole that looked tight , he began to lick it as she bent more over and into his face , he felt as though he could not breath gasping for air he pulled his tongue away !! Now shove your tongue up further this time he was more aroused than he imagined as he shoved his tongue even deeper he licked it harder he was Tongue Fucking her Asshole and enjoying it she told him !! He was a good Slave, !!and seemed to be moaning as if she was having an Orgasm She pulled herself away from his face in doing so placed herself back into the soapy water and told him to !! Strip , , standing naked before her !! Fetch the towel and dry me she stood up from the water he placed the warm towel around her body , she stepped out from the bath his hand held out to surrport her ,, he dried off her body, 
She looked at him up and down noticed his Cock stiff swollen and erect, dribbling with precum juices from its end , Next thing he felt was one hard slap upon the right side of his face almost toppling him over to the floor, she left the bathroom leaving him with a stinging cheek she Paynefully slapped upon him unexpected, 

She re entered the bathroom to find him still standing and told him to clean it up then get dressed and she would call him when she wanted to see him, and left the bathroom, he was still in shock he wanted to ask her why why Elizabeth but instead started to dress his quickly and wanting to make a quick exit from this house in dressing he was getting angry how could she treat him like this he been good to her compiled to all from her brought her presents treated her with utter respect , standing out of the bathroom ready to leave he looked and noticed a bedroom door opened he could hear her talking to someone in anger he opened the door wide and saw her lying upon the bed phone to her ears and drinking more wine her eyes looking at him but held no fear he said !! Bye Bye Elizabeth !! he told her angrily her reply back to him was !! Darling you be back they always do,!! he ran almost falling down the stairs hearing her laughing wickedly as almost humiliating him more ,he opened the door made his way to his car hands shaking putting the key in the door sat in his car his voice saying aloud that Bitch and drove off furiously from the road,

Yes her words were true alright You Be Back.... and he was Elizabeth was like. ...... An Expensive Steak that you Couldn't Order , but she sure could eat you up and spit you out when and if she required to do so. As he was left to cry peeling the onions in the kitchen as one of his duties he was assigned to Elizabeth would laugh at him as she drank her wine. 
Man was born in Payne to give and receive Payne give Submission or Die. She would often say !! I Can Please One Person A Day Today Is Not Your Day And Tomorrow Doesn't Look That Good Either For You !! And Laugh the phone conversation would then end , When he phoned and hoping he could have her attention for that evening, he would tell her it's been a 2/ 3 weeks since he last had the pleasure of her Beauty and Company, And I do so much long too see you again. ?. !! Wipe Your Lips Darling There's Still Bull-Shit Around Your Lips Remember I'm Not The Player But The Game ......But Keep That Handsome Head Of Yours High I Would Just Love To See You Fall Also Darling Do Take Care Of Your Eyes, !! he would ask !! Why Elizabeth? Her reply to his question would be !! As There The Only Balls You Got .!! she Tell Him he could never quite understand some times her remarks to him but could only accept .

He found himself again back in her company , as months / years went bye she finally accepted his proposal of marriage, he accepted her terms only on this marriage he accepted that she would still Continue to work as a Dominatrix / Mistress as that is how he First made contact with Mistress Elizabeth Payne , he had been curious let alone fed up of a boring sex life with the few women he met it was always the missionary position etc, nice enough with the few women he had the pleasure of but boring , and no woman had captured his heart enough to marry he fancied something different for a change and from his first vist to her his life changed for the better or worse but she was his wife now that's all that mattered .She allowed him to have the use of his Computer at home to catch up on the work he needed to do and finish but he was also given a set time to have use of his PC and that he would have to ask Elizabeth, , She Would state from a time of usage for him from 6 / 8pm and if he had not finished it was tough luck sometimes this would be a nightmare for him he would have to get up extra early next morning to go to his office and finish off from the night before, 

He was to hand over his monthly wages to Elizabeth and in return Elizabeth would give him Pocket Money to spend, he was not allowed a key to enter the house either a Butler or Maid or even Elizabeth would open the door to let him enter the house he found it very humiliating at first but she would remind him of the Vows he Took, He was assigned to Domestic Duties she would make him dress up in a maids uniform and an inspection would be done if not to Elizabeth's high standard he knew he would be punished, He was used as a Door Mat at the entrance of the house hold when Elizabeth entertained her female friends he would be naked and have in bold black letters written on his back. .... WELCOME .... Elizabeth would open the door greet her friends then he would feel Her female friends scrub and dig their heels over his back hard and make there way in to the Room of Elizabeth's choice, He would then serve her guests drinks with a tray held and tied to his waist and neck, wearing only a chastity belt Elizabeth had put on earlier, he would notice her friends dressed in sexy clothing revealing breasts etc and in the highest of heels Elizabeth would engage in conversion she loved to hear her friends adventures as it wasn't often she had the time to catch up on a girls night, the weather terrible Darlings all that rain and you walking up the garden that's a bit muddy and we can't have you're shoes dirty the women would laugh as they did at him serveing them there drinks also noticing and admiring his chastity device, Elizabeth instructed him to fall to his knees and start to clean there shoes individually , like all men he was excited by sexy woman in revealing dress and especially stockings and high heel stilettos, he humbly fell to his knees and began to clean there shoes with his tongue , he would be dismissed from the room leaving Elizabeth and her friends alone, 

Chastity was a killer frustrating not been able to have a wank but learning to piss only like a woman and to wear women's panties over the chastity device and underneath his daily office trousers Elizabeth's orders, He would say to Elizabeth !! What if I have an accident of some sort and i'm rushed to a hospital and they see the chastity and panties how do I explain ? !! Elizabeth reply would be !! Only accident you may have is if you piss your self wrongly and you leave tell tale marks on your trousers you've been trained just be careful and there won't be no accidents !! and Smirk at him also dismiss him, They would go shopping and Elizabeth would pick out beautiful sexy underwear make him carry it to a female cashier and he would place it upon the counter and she would leave him to it and continue to wander around the store seeing if anything else caught her eye, he hated this part of the shopping experience but loved the underwear she choose but would he get the chance to see her wearing such underwear ? The cashier would individually take each item and scan it giving him a look making him feel embarrassed but say nothing Elizabeth returning to his side just in time of payment the cashier looking at Elizabeth eyes her up and down to which she is always remarkably dressed sexy and makeup perfect , the total amount Madam is £250 to pay Elizabeth Smiles to the cashier tells her !! My Darling husband is paying !! get your card out darling pay the lady She tells him trust you been you been saving you're pocket money !! and laughs he knew what she meant by pocket money yes out of his hard earned monthly wages he handed over to her monthly and in return gave him back some pocket money !! That's all you need for petrol / lunch or heres some extra pocket money she smile you've worked hard this month 
Don't spend it all at once !! 

Mmmmm the only time he saw the new underwear he recently purchased was when she was dressing for her lovers , cruelly and taunting him asking him !! What do you think Darling you a prove it was worth the price to see me in it He wanted to take her there and then she looked so exciting as she began strutting around the room but he knew that was forbidden to him she looked at him patheticaly knowing he was aroused from the underwear she stood up in and sheer silk black seamed stockings encased her divine legs !! Fetch me some high heels darling the black 6 inch ankle straps and put them on for me !! 
He went to the wardrobe and picked them out holding them in his hand thinking if it was only me she was dressing for me this evening giving me what pleasure but instead she deprives me of all, 

The only sexual realise he would look forward too was either if she think he deserved it and earned that right to pour his seed , was if a third party was expected in her chambers and his fantasy was and wanted to suck a cock and swallow hot spunk no sooner requested via phone to Elizabeth it would be arranged at the said date and time she would tell him his presence is required in the chambers make sure your presented well put some nice panties on not forgetting your stockings and heels and I shall see you are rewarded its been along time since you've had some pleasure and I will remove your chasity but it goes back on just as quickly as it comes off , It was Elizabeth's Red painted shiny lips he wanted around his Cock but it was never to be he saw how she played with her lovers cock with her tongue and mouth as he was made to watch , But he never got to know who made his pathetic cock grow and whose mouth that brought him to great orgasm from behind the hole of the door and swallowing his spunk in fact they never meet and it was frustrating not knowing who it was, only Elizabeth knew , soon as the sordid deed was done and he pulled away from the hole of the door he would clean himself and Elizabeth would happily put the chasity back on his now limp cock asking !! Did you enjoy that Darling ? your dismissed he would exit the chambers ,

!! You know the ground rules and your place !! She told him he humbly fell to his knees and carried the shoes in his mouth to her stocking legs whilst she sat sipping wine from the chair , looking at her he began to beg !! Elizabeth may I please put your shoes on for you ? !! Her foot would be out stretched to him as he held her silky foot in his hand and start to put the shoe on her right foot then he did the same with her left foot !! Perfect she would say as she stood up and kicked him out of the way to admire herself in the mirror telling him !! when the door bell rings let my lover in pour him a drink them send him up to me now your dismissed but dont be going anywhere I may just need you !! and laughing as she poured herself another drink and watching from the mirror crawl to the door He remembered the Vows that he took they weighed heavily in his mind often just as the heavy balls he carried with Spunk ,

Elizabeth's Vows were strongly spoken to him before she took or accepted his proposal of marriage it was on her terms only he accepted all as he wanted nothing more or any other woman as no other woman made him feel like this plus he didn't want no other man to have her , But they did in a way he never experienced yes Sex he never had that Pleasure at all only the lovers she decided and she wanted

The Cermony / Vows took place and the Contract was signed with his signature , first then underneath was the High Priestess and the two Disciples witnesses , below his and Stamped with Elizabeths signature and then her seal mark of approval, it was then put into a black metal box and locked up,and put into the safe were only she new the combination. It was as if His life. was also locked away, inside it.. like it was Pandora's. Box or à Can.of worms. If it was to be opened again all evil would arise. But His Pathic Worm was also locked away in the Chasity Device to which she would let it wriggle free when the mood took her or for other use she thought fit but for now she held both the keys too . Perhaps the Ceremony should have should of taken place and preformed by the Devil himself and not the High Priestess, As the Beast would ... Rear it's Big fat Head many a time ,as he was Dressed up in his Tarty underwear and stockings / heels and maids uniform whilst doing his Kitchen Duties at the sink etc. He remembered Elizabeths words from earlier days ... !! Darling !! It's I That Shall Fuck You !! and. Smirk with her Lips , he often thought and wanked over Elizabeth straddling his hard Cock waiting for the day for her to take the first sexual. move instead of his previouse realationships with women of him often making the first move. Fuck How right her words were she did do so and say as she stood behind me. !! Miss me Darling ? !! and fucked him hard .

The Contract read:

"I can have as many lovers as I want when I want and as often as I want , you on the other hand remain exclusive to me but denied forever your pleasure of your pathetic cock entering either of my Love Holes that also means no Oral sex from my mouth shall you encounter, Your pleasure comes in you serving me and suffering as you have seen many others have readily done so 
The closest you will ever get to my pussy is your tongue cleanings me up after my lovers and myself have enjoyed each other and as I lower myself over you to graciously give you my golden Nectar"

He left the bedroom wondering which lover he would be answering the door to this evening or would it be the one she was with in the restaurant two weeks ago , although she told him to get ready that Saturday !! Darling lets go out this evening for a change I'm bored order the taxi for 8pm! ! They entered the restaurant together as a couple but left as a different couple Elizabeth with a new admirer
He left all alone , the evening started off well perfect till Someone took Elizabeth's eyes she asked the gentleman to join us at the table and told her husband to get the drinks although there was waitress service that could of brought the drinks to the table , the mans name was Paul he was smitten by Elizabeth as I could notice she was by him he was attractive aged around 44 years 5ft 10ins medium built looked like from good back round he had a good position of employment , yes Elizabeth would always and only take good stock nothing worthless or beneath her status as she was a lady from good and well breed family, but she would suffer no fools either , the conversion flowed between us as the drinks did but i was on the receiving end of mostly paying although Paul offered to buy and he did do so, the music began and he asked Elizabeth to dance that was the last time he had her company she moved on to another table with Paul I watched from a small distance angrily ,just drowning my though into another drink , 

I noticed Elizabeth wave the waitress over and speak to her whilst looking over in my direction, The waitress walking in my direction tells me I have a message from your wife !! You are to walk home in the rain and not come home to early if you do so you must be very quiet and not disturb your wife and her lover she started to slightly grin ohh I'm told you have a tip for me as well as paying your wife's bill credit card accepted but my tip is cash !! and smiled but I could she was wanting to roar out laughing, how humiliating Elizabeth made him feel right at this moment he looked over and saw another couple had vacated Elizabeth's and Paul's table they had gone he fumbled for his credit card and found £5.00 to give the waitress , then he ventured out into the Dark dismal rainy night to walk home alone, Mmmmm sometimes she wake him up from the slave pit give him a hard kick tell him !! Darling just because it's the middle of the night and would put her arms around him ..Don't mean I ain't going to abuse you Sex is calling for me and my lover !! and he silently ask himself what's going on , 

Yes many a time he watched Elizabeth and her lovers performance of sex whilst he was summoned down to the chambers if not her bedroom wondering how or which way he was instructed to get down the stairs walk or crawl but either method he would notice the masks to the left all the whips to the right and the chair in the middle of the room to which he would soon be tied too and hear Elizabeth's lover enter from behind and slap him hard on the back as Elizabeth would whisper in his ear Enjoy then the performance would begin watching his wife's body in beads of sweat as she orgasms she would even get her lovers to Spunk over his face as she would lay back asking him did you Cum Darling it saves him cleaning me up later and then she get up and kick the chair to the floor ask !! Is it cool to go to sleep on the floor!! ? As you silently scream aloud I Cant Take Any More 
If Elizabeth knew what you were thinking guess you know her answer would be 
You Always Do And Come Back For More They Always Do

How True

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