The Coffin


Diane has pushed my patience waiting for her review of her time in the coffin. She will be taught a lesson next time we meet.

The Coffin - Part 1

In my world of dreams I viewed with detachment as Mistress moved to one side, she leaned into the coffin she held a pair of scissors before my eyes and proceeded to scrape and pick – then cut the shrink film to expose each nipple – and then my cock and balls – I had thought that they were hidden away from further torture.
Mistress roughly grabbed each tender nipple in turn attaching a tight clamp to each. My nipples had not fully recovered from the previous onslaught so the pain was intense.
Mistress now lifted the coffin lid, she placed it over the coffin at an angle so that I could still see – her veiled face moved I front of mine, she looked in to my eyes, smiled and closed the lid.
Darkness descended. It was a tight fit and the coffin lid pressed on the gas mask making breathing more difficult. The amyl soaked cotton wool ensured that I was getting a full hit, the reality of the situation had not yet sunk in.
I could hear the lid being screwed down.
Through the darkened, drugged haze I could make out the sign of a cross. It was only very thin lines of light in the lid but had a dramatic effect – it was completely dark but the light of the cross burned through. It must have been cut in the lid?
The effects of the amyl started to fade, I had to breathe very carefully and not think too much about where I was – I could sense panic being not far away.
My thoughts were interrupted by my still bound cock and balls being pulled, there must be an opening in the lid, Mistress has access. The cord was quickly and roughly removed from my aching cock, Mistress was pulling hard I could sense her struggling to get something around the base of my cock, movement stopped and my cock remained trapped (it was only from the photo’s that I saw later that I realised that my cock and balls had been pulled through a hole in the coffin lid – they had been pulled through a wooden plate surrounded by hooks – once through the plate Mistress had bound my cock and balls so that they were trapped outside the coffin to receive her full attention).
Mistress now set to work in earnest, the bindings tightened – I could not move, I could hardly breathe – the pain grew as the bindings tightened. The panic was rising as the effect of the amyl wore off.
I could once again feel a hand moving over my body – it found the chain attached to the clamp first on one nipple and then the other, slowly the chains were pulled through the holes, all the slack was taken up, they pulled tighter as my nipples were stretched to their limit but not tight enough to pull the clamps off.
What little movement that I had now resulted in immediate pain to my nipples, cock and balls
I controlled my breathing and my panic. Total silence and no movement – I sensed that I had been left alone – the light that came through the cross disappeared – had the coffin been covered or had Mistress turned out the lights in the room and closed the door. I could only speculate and hopefully NOT panic.
I knew that I had heard the lid being screwed down

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