Spanking pt.2

Yes Miss Payne
I've been a real Bad bad boy I know you're going to either put me over your knee or your Bench, and give me the Spanking I deserve and show me and teach me not to be such a real bad boy I know I've nothing to be ashamed of as I go over your knee and feel your fingers roll down my pants .To which I know you will enjoy, whilst I break out into a real hot sweat, But your going leave me wet, Your going to give me the perfect strokes from your hand , I'm going to try and relax as you give me Payne, I know I've been a real Bad bad boy , I Sliently say Ohh nooooo Miss Payne not the Cane and understand I've got to learn....It's down to you in giving me what I so rightly deserve as you tell me I've been a Bad bad boy Ohhh Mistress Elizabeth Payne I Shall Try and be a Good good boy, But It's a Woman Like you that makes me become a real Bad bad naughty boy But you really Blow a Mans mind !! So Hot Tell me show me again I've been a real Bad bad boy give me that Sexy look as I go over your knee Tell me your going to Spank me.

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