So Your Behaviour Needs To Be Dealt With ?, Your Sins You Need To Confess, 
It Is I, Who Decides How Your Punishment Should Be Administered, Whether It Be Over My Knee Or The Bench / Chair. The Desire To Be Punished By Payne .
Is Something That Is Not Out Rageouse, But Can Be Desired And Satisfied . Yes For A Price, From A Sensual To A Servere Spanking, But, Whatever Is Decided , It Will Be So Cheek Warming, To Be Disciplined By My Hand Or All My Implements. Perhaps I Let You Choose The Implements,To Be Punished From, !! Such A Thrill Within !! , But Whatever You Choose I Can Also Choose One Better Than You Have, !! Mmmm !! . As You Look At All Thats Laid / Stretched Out Before You !! Crying Out To Be Chosen Better Still , Used Upon you !! , Whilst Your Bent Over And Staring At All That Is Displayed Before Your Eyes. Buttocks Quivering Already As You Do So, But Whatever You Choose , Your Bent Over, I Decide Either, Bare Buttocks , Or Trousers On To Which I Will Begin To Peel And Take Down Your Pants Slowly .Ready To Adminster Punishment. 
It Doesn't Matter If Your A Novice, Or A Seasoned Vetron, To All Implements, 
But I Can Assure You That Your Bare Buttocks Will Give In, Before My Hand / Arm Will. It's You That Will Cry Tears Of Payne , So Let The Punishment Of Spanking Begin ,
!! I Do Enjoy Excerciseing My Wrist !!

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