Darlings Someday . I'm Sure We Be Together, , You Maybe Far Away. But I'm Only Seconds Away From Your Mind, You Knew , Right From The Start , Payne Would Somehow Pocess Your Mind / Heart / Soul , Your Body Would Be Mine . I Just Need To Hear You Say It , .....!! You Need Payne, To Feel / Want It.!!....Then All You Want To Do Is Cry Cry... Yes My Payne Will Be Yours In Many Forms ? Yes You've Longed For Me. Perhaps You Made Mistakes In Chooseing The Wrong Ones,?? 
As Evening Shadows Make You Feel Blue, As Your Days May Also Be . Until You Decide To call Me . With Excitement From Within, Yes, You May Relise As Others Have Done , Knowing That I Understand, And So Much More , Or I Would / Will Not Let You Down. As You Convince Yourself And Relise I'm True , .. But You Knew You Could Not Pretend Or Deny / Ignore Payne No Longer, It's Your Feelings That Got Stronger.
Yes I'm There For You And All , When I'm Needed , Or As Ones Needs Are Required ?? .... But How Do You Go About It , If Payne Is Not Around ?. But Payne Is Yours For As Along As Its Ment To Be. Or How I Decide To Adminster It , , Or As You Choose It To Be Done , , Or Even Better How Much You Can Take Or Stand. ? 

Mmmm . You Have Then Decided To Crawl Into My Life , Or Wish / Want To ,... That's What's I Decide Not You , But It's I That Gives The Final Answer Of Being , Yes Or No, As Well As Giveing You That Pleasure , As Always It's I In Control Of All Aspects, But It's Done / Said So Beautifully Well ,And Yet Done So Cruel,

I'm You're Sun As You Are My Rain That Pours, Either In Tears Or In Spunk , One Way Or Another You Will Always Pour For Me , No Matter How .
Isn't Payne So Beautiful ?.... As You See / Feel It ? , You Need Nothing More, , But Desire More. 
All You Need To Do Is Move Close, Yes , Soooo Much Closer , Yes Thats It. But You Will Know When Were Together , Your Body Becomes Alive, With Every Touch I Make . 
Whispering Words Softly, To You , Your Body Moves So Much Closer, Its The Chemistry As If Making Love, . 
!! You Wish !!
My Body Is Mine Only , Belongs To Me , And No One Else .
It's Yours That Belongs To Me ,

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