Lift Up Thy Ass And Pray
You  have  long Waited  Prayed / Sprayed, hands / fingers clasped tightly on the almighty,  perhaps even with a ring upon your finger , if not more whilst upon your knees you fall , Reciting the vows you repeat them silently then aloud the Ten Cunt-Man-Ments over and over as if eating and swallowing / taking all in ,until you know it off like a fucking Tart as we fuck ever and ever, yes .born to spread as most do.your holes .
You ask me  a question , !! Did you see the Ass on that ??
My reply to you,would be
You ,Should of saw it last night.
But you being the  Fucker you are would only ask me .why
my answer to you would be
!! It Had A Fucking Man In.It
Over The Fucking Moon He Was.

Salute for you are! In the presence of the Great Cuntularex and she is Dominant Cuntularex Supream, being and ruler of men we stand erect if it please. Your Excellency, your eager Disciples /Sluts
will assume the postion and accept the jelly! Lube for there anus poised for penetration, by the butt ! Beast verily you sport it , heroically your slim big Titted frame almost over balancing, so monstrous is the beast, the violation is rude and rough, ruining the anal? And rendering its spastic involuntary Ejaculation ! The beast deep in his botty , you the mischief slip the harness leave him squealing. Like The Dirty. Impaled. Grunting Fuck Pig He Is You Are And You Are Too.

Are Your rrrrrrrs rolling and rocking Upon a conical black butt plug that nearly splits the ring which is yours and mine to cherish with Your knob and ever more shall be. Yes I am wet it's not raining unless I have unleashed a torrent as that is what it is ? It flows from the holy place
Yes Enough I see you are in much need of Relief aahhhhhh.

Yes you are Supreme they are
No marks. You are Cuntess They are
Cuntless! Yeah! Yeah! You Are Goddess
They are Vermin You toilet them They
receive your toilet MMMM

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