Secret Recipe

Like a good chief, Mistress Elizabeth Payne has all the ingredients to hand, sometimes she adds more or takes out, depending upon one's taste that she can also enjoy. 

It's not always the same recipe or dish, but it's Booti-fuly served on time, It can be Hot and Spicy or served Cold, She takes her time on the preparation. Stirring with her hands, but mixing well with her mind.

Making her hot and wet so others can enjoy, Lastly she gives it a bloody good whipping, some may fall to the floor but it's quickly picked up and served once more. But some will have to wait to taste her Champagne as she Pours. It's so good many cum back for more. 

Booking can be reserved as places are quickly filled. 
Seating to be arranged, otherwise be prepared for a long standing period until one becomes available. 

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