You do remember I promised that your life would change"? I told the Slave , !! And It will !! ( I laughed). Slave knew it was going to be a long night but also a long life. Then he was left alone secured / enslaved with only his thoughts to keep him company. Until I entered the room again , It was the begining for him - But how will it end ?? He could not imagine. !! CAN YOU ? ... I smile and laugh at the thought or thoughts and so much more.. Mmmm . One can only imagine ..... So Bitter ,.... Beautiful and Wickedly done so, and yet so Cruel , But also Perfectly Teased and Stroked , His daily working hands tied out of the way .Chasity Device unlocked Then he's Stroked and Stroked , dribbling Pre -Cum Juices !! Balls Aching but being taken so close to Spunk Sperting time and time again, By the Touch of Payne .Then being locked back into Chasity. Never being aloud that Privilege , Only till Payne Command's It, How Long Can One Wait ? Darlings Ask Yourself The Question..... But Then A Slave Could Find Himself Being Continusly Milked . Until It Feels Like it's Pissing Glass That's Payne . Are You Lonesome Tonight Is,Your Mind Filled With Payne. Will You Cum Back Again ?? !!:Of Course You Will Darlings !!:You Always Do. I Smile.

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