Promise or Say

Darlings Don't Say To Me Over The Phone,. !! I Would Really Like / Love / Am Going To Do / Buy / Give, You Something !!

But Nothing Shows Up Only Yourself Let A Lone Your Cock ? That Salutes Me

I Don't Expect Nothing From You , Or Never Have Or Will Do , If Are You Going To Do So , Then Just Do It . Dont just Say It.

Don't Even Let Those Words Enter Your Mind Or Fall / Tumble Out From Your Lips.

If Your Trying To Impress Me, Well You Failed Straight Away , Words Are Cheap,Cost Nothing .

!! Perhaps That's Why People Say Them !!

But Always Remember

Only A Fool Flatters Himself , A Wise Woman Like Myself Just Flatters The Fool ,


Now I Ask The Question, How Does One Roll There Rrrrrrrrrs These Days ???

Darling I Didn't Mean Arse,

But It Makes Me smile & I Expect You Did To.

Perhaps Someone Needs Spec- Savours?

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