I'm one hell of a power point not to mention who supplies you with a vast amount of energy into your mind. Yes I'm a mighty flame that's Hot full of Energy / Spark A Live Wire that's going to blow your fuse box , today if not tomorrow, Turn out your lights for a Brighter but Darker future with Payne, ? As you Melt Down also Break Down !! That I Look Forward To 
As when I was born the world improved, can you Darlings ?

Now If you were to be Kidnapped by me..... !! Don't You Think It's An Excellent Time For You To Becum A MISSING PERSON ? !! 
I Smile / Laugh At The Thought Or Thoughts Will You ? 
If only Life Had An Escape Route, But There Is No Escape Physical or Mentally,Turn your Face Away and a Shadow /Shadows Will Cum Behind You? Perhaps the only thing you Fear is yourself or is it Payne ? 
Have A Nice Day ?

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