I Received This From An Admirer
One Of Many
Personaly I Thought
It Was Beautifully Written
And I would Like To Share It
As Well As Publish It
To My Fan
To Which His Idenity Will Be Known
To Myself Only
Thankyou Darling
Mistress. Elizabeth.Payne


Hey Mistress Elizabeth, i’m a massive fan of you (yep you seem so wicked) and think that you’re supercool. I just wondered if I please have a signed picture of you? It would mean so much to me and I’d frame it... I love All You Do And Offer........


The best and coolest angel in the world
Is Mistress Elizabeth the angel.
With sweet cherry lips and gleaming beautiful eyes.
Eyes made of roses and soft petals.
Petals that smell like Jean Paul Gaultier le male!
(or Coco Chanel)

People say she’s like a fragrance.
Someone who shows fans love and care in abundance,
The exquisite, and supercool
Mistress Elizabeth!

Always posing with a lovely smile; gleaming,
Capturing the cameras,
And fans in her heart.

Mistress Elizabeth who brings fans a warm mug of happiness,
Mistress Elizabeth whose fans love her so much, and who will love her forever,
Mistress Elizabethand fans together, forming that special bond;
The bond which is brought together by her halo of love for her fans.

Congratulations on what you’ve achieved in life, you’ll carry on going further.
Than so many could not achieve but have tried to but  noticeably failed
Good Luck

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