Piss Sluts

Mistress Elizabeth Payne sits high upon her Throne, her magic purse slit peeps open, Dribbles dribbles then lets go, Flocks of Golden Nectar she pours from her Cunting cunt 
Up her 1 hand star.Shines light upon,
Those in Darkness , she blesses .Them in Her Magnanimity, 
Sluts serves Payne with Sin in hand, they make a wish for Sin to be United with Payne-full, Of all babies , Rap Slut Anus, But before you sleep tonight with Cock like a rod in hand, 
As your juices spray from the Japanese Eye land Honshu ! In soiled sheets you will sleep tonight for Mistress Elizabeth Payne is the Quimdom the Power and the Glory 4 ever
Assholes ,




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