He came round.
He stared up at the ceiling
Where was he. He tried to sit up but his arms and legs were fastened down.
How did he get here?
He tried to think.but found it very difficult to do so.
A slight rattle behind him and then a leather gloved hand gripping his face and a strange smell.

He struggled to pull the gloved hand away, his hands gripping a combination of leather and metal bangles.
The smell getting stronger and his head starting to spin.
A blackness and weakness taking over and a voice.
A soft voice telling him to take deep breaths and try  not to panic.
Then what?
He remebered a nurse helping him up onto a bed.
The bed he was on now.
It was all cloudy in his head. The drug was confusing him.
Think  !! he told himself.
He remebered his T shirt being taken off and then his arms being fastened down.
Why didnt he struggle?
The drug was still confusing him.
What next he thought.
His legs were fastened down as the drug started to wear off.
Then he focused on the nurse, It was the woman Herself Elizabeth Payne.
She was dressed as a nurse but she was wearing leather gloves with bangles over them and she had glasses on.
Nurses wore rubber gloves not leather.
'Ah back with us I see' she said. 'Open wide'
He remembered a ball in her hands. 
He remebered keeping his mouth closed and not opening it and then...
'Ok play hard to get' she said and pinched his nose.
He struggled but it was no good. He needed air and couldnt get any.
He opened his mouth to breath and she forced the ball into his mouth but very gently.
'That's  good. We wouldnt want you to scream now, would we' she said and smiled
He remembered his belt being undone and his jeans and underpants being taken down
He remebered being erect.
Why would he be erect? He couldn't understand why
He was scared so why would he be so turned on?
Then he felt something being placed round his penis
What was she doing?
Then the electric shocks started.
He twisted and turned but she just smiled.
Then she started to torture his nipples.
He wanted to scream but the gag stopped him
After what felt like ages, but was only minutes, the pain stopped.
He remebers dribbling from the side of the gag
She released his penis and removed the gag
What then?
He tried to remember
That was it.
She brought a black rubber medical mask over his nose and mouth.
He remebered a hiss and then his head started to spin.
He tried to fight it but it was no good.
All the time she was talking to him, telling him to take nice deep breaths, in and out.
Then blackness. descended upon him,
And this is were he found himself  when he opened his eyes

He tried to fight it but it was no good.
'Nearly done', she said.'I just need a sample'
With that she clamped her leather gloved hand over his nose and mouth and he felt a strange tingle on his penis
Electrics he thought, but this wasnt painful. 
He could see a vibrator in her hand moving over his penis.
The pleasure after all the pain was intense.
He felt his orgasm building all the time, she was talking to him, telling him to let go
He came so hard and fast
When it was over and the hand was removed, he felt his body relaxing
Big mistake as the black mask was clamped over his face once again and he smelt the drugs again

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