My Lady Sub



I had admired Mistress Payne and followed her work as l do several of what l call "my ladies" they are gorgeous sexy and l admire them very much.
Recently Mistress Payne and l had been talking and she has been very interested in my "boob" pics especially the bound ones and we have been a tad flirty with each other and l was very flattered that a lady of her stature had shown an interest in meeting me for play.
Mistress Payne invited me along to her dungeon for a afternoon of pain and pleasure along with her sub Diane l agreed immediately and was excited of what laid ahead.
Mistress Payne had given me 2 options of what was to happen on meeting and she also was going to allow me to develop my dominant skills by practising oh her slave Diane.
The night before meeting l couldn't sleep with the anticipation of what was to happen the following day.
The day finally arrived, l was up at 7am to prepare l showered took time with my hair and make-up chose an outfit that was hopefully smart.
I was to be met at Chester station by Diane, the journey was filled with thoughts of what was to happen now l knew that on meeting Diane l was to give her my panties to wear and so l had used a panty liner as l knew my knickers would have been wet through with the anticipation and excitement and l didn't want Diane sat in wet knickers guess that sub side of me was still evident.
Diane met me on time and we hit it off immediately l warmed to her and like me she also was nervous l could tell by the slight tremor of her hands.
We went to a pub first for me to pass my knickers to her and have a drink before we was to present ourselves before Mistress Payne.
Diane didn't know what was in store for her only that l was going to be attending Mistress Payne but she was to comply with my requests on meeting.
Sitting knickerless in the pub l could feel my wetness leaving a damp patch on the chair am sure that when l stood it was evident for all to see l imagined l could smell my excitement.
The drive took 30mins and l chatted away about everything and nothing as l was nervously excited.
We arrived at Mistress Payne's dungeon and then the lady opened the door gosh her pictures didn't do her justice at all she was stunning and l felt myself relax immediately l knew this was a lady l would like and we would get on.
Mistress Payne ordered Diane to prepare herself for our administrations my excitement level went up 110%..
Diane was cuffed and then we inspected her cage to see if she had dribbled and the bad bitch had done she was then cuffed and tied to the table for punishment, l was handed a flogger and started off tentatively flogging Diane but as l grew in confidence l really laid that flogger across her arse and also across her cock and balls the rush l felt was amazing. I followed Mistress Payne's instructions as l was still sub to the lady we then place little silver pegs around Diane's cock and balls again what a fantastic feeling to have this control and also to inflict pain to watch Diane flinch every time we flicked them and her balls.
Diane then had her hands cuffed behind her while clover clamps were applied to her nipples wow seeing her reaction really got me juicing up...
When Diane bowed her head l went right up to her and got in her face ordering her to lift her head up pulling on the clover clamps making her look into my eyes l loved it!
We tormented Diane some more as my pictures show and when with the pinwheel l made her really react and bleed god that what so f**king hot l wanted to orgasm on the spot...
As a reward Diane was allowed to sniff my cunt like a good little doggy she was straining at her leash to get to taste me but wasn't allowed until Mistress Payne said so.
Then it was my turn to be submissive l was on a high to start with now that it was my turn l couldn't stop myself from creaming...
My wrists were cuffed and l was blind folded then l was cuffed to chains above my head naked l exposed to both Mistress Payne and her slave Diane gosh l felt vulnerable but very excited.
Mistress bound my tits l couldn't see only feel what was being done to them, clover clamps applied with me holding the chain then l felt hands squeezing my tits not just one pair but two pairs, Mistress had allowed Diane to also play with me as l had been allowed to play with her :-)
The pin wheel was used extensively leaving me with some very nice marks.
Then l felt hands between my legs god that did it l know l had dribbled and knew that l would be punished for it with the crop.
My backside was warmed up and l was in heaven having this wonderful Mistress and her slave attend to me was amazing to be the centre of their attention was exciting as hell.
Then clamps were applied to my cunt lips god the pain the pleasure the wetness l couldn't believe how l was feeling.
After more pain and exquisite pleasure my arms were release and l was then placed on the table and the thought of what was next heightened every nerve in my body.
My wrists were cuffed to my ankles so my legs were up and apart then l felt my tits being played with again hands and warm mouths making the nipples erect damn l wanted to come but had to wait for permission
I felt something cover my nipple then the pressure of the suction cups god the intense pain was so erotic l could have cum right there.
While the suction cups did there work the pin wheel was again used around them wonderful intense feeling and then it was used on my cunt and clit l arched with the pain yet wanting more.
Fingers making me want to cum and me begging Mistress to allow me too but she refusing and ordering Diane to stop if l came close.
Mistress Payne tormenting me with what she was going to do to me how she was going to fuck my cunt like she had my arse with the dildo just made me want to come more yet it was still denied me, the sweet torment of orgasm denial....
I was taken to a wonderful place and have not stopped smiling since and if you want to know the rest of what happened that afternoon ah well that is for us to know :-) xxxxx

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