Meet Me

For Those Who Have Not Met Me Yet
I Am
The Rose That Blooms
Against The Thorns

I Know My Head And Looks Can Be Deceiving,
A Girl Will Play With Your Mind .
Were As A Woman Like Me Will Explore It.


I'm Like A Good Wine That Matures Through Out The Years, And Tastes Good,Throughout, Even Like An Expensive Car That Has A Good Body Not To Mention Likes Good Service. Always In Control, I Like Being Well Maintained As Well As Good Oil In My Engine, I'm Always In The Right Gear, Great Crutch Control, I Run Smooth And Fast . But Often Leave You Behind Stalling With Thoughts. For Those That Think We Click, Like My Heels,.Remember Darling It's Only My Heels That Click And Strut , !! Don't Fuck It Up.

After Waiting Patciently For Your Call , You Say Hello But Can Hardly Speak, Heart Beating Soooooo Fast , Wanting To Know All I Offer And Do. You Say Goodbye. 
Yes I'm The One You Dream Of , Long To Be With Perhaps A Fraid And Shy, Just Letting Your Chance Go By, Whilst Another Takes Your Place Every Moments A Day, Every Day A life Time For You , Just Never Knowing. I Can Only Show You The Way , Take You By The Hand To A Joy ,That Nothing Compares To ,Can You Wait A Moment Longer ??. For Me To Knock Down Your Defences , One By One.
But I Soon Have My Money , Then I Begin To Show You What You Been Wanting And Missing , , Only To Test You, Knowing You Want To Touch Me , But It's I That Touches You And Your Mind. 
I Like The Way You  Will Quickly Learn And Respect Me !! One Knows Better Not Too !! , Now Your In A New Dimension I'm Ready To Relieve This Mission, Its I That Pushes Your Button And Freaks Like You I Control.

No You Can't Be My Loving Slave , You Ain't Got The Style, I Can Get Some Loving , A Drive A Good Guy Wild,  But I Shall Give You, What You Not Got, As Well As Show You, That Your Not So Hot,  But Were Going To Do Wrong All The Time, ?? 

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