!! Darlings Why Dine At M & S ? ,Cum And Whine / Dine With Me, At S & M !!
Were I Will Eat You Up & Spit You Out 
Were Theirs A Variety To Choose From The Menu, 
Plenty To Go Round, That You Want And Love To Cum Back For More.
Enough To Wet / Increase One's Appetite
Gaurn-teased No Cunt-plaints.
Or A Fucking Discusting Meal.

Were The Meat Is Always Fresh Daily And Prepared Well. By Hand.
Not To Mention The Fish Were Many Love To Indulge And Make A Dive For.
Once In The Mouth It Melts / Lingers On The Tastebuds, 
Soooooo Succulent, And Mouth Watering, Not To Mention Satisfying,
Yes There Are Fish Fingers, Not To Forget Or Leave Out ,
The Cockles And Muscles,
The Prawn Ring Is Another Delicacy If One Wishes To Try .
Desert So Creamy Too,

The Piss Flows And Tastes Like Wine. 
Perhaps From The Vintage Vineyard That Hangs With Grapes
From Behind Were The Wine Is Prepared.Especially ,
Cocktails Are Shaken Vigorously. 
Shaken But Not Stirred
Then Poured. Beautifully.

You Can Even Can Wear Your Dinner Jacket The One I Will Leave Out For You ,
!! Yes The !! Straight Jacket !!
I Will Help You Put It On,

How Do You Like Your Bird ? I Personally Like To Prepare The Meat After It's Been Washed,
Lay It Down On It's Back, Then I Begin To Baste It ,Part The thighs , Then I Stuff It With My Fingers, 
When The Temperature Is Right I Slowly Begin To Fuck It , With The Meat & Two Veg I Prepared Earlier, !! I Ment Cook It !!
As The Juices Begin To Flow & Run, Don't You Just Love To Lick The Juices Off Your Fingers ? 
Perhaps Thats Why They Say !! Finger Licking Good !!
Which Part Of The Bird Do You Like To Begin With First, Breast Or The Thighs ??
I, Like To Pick / Nibble At The Meat First.

Just As I Thought, A Pervert , Viewing This ,You Have A Filthy Mind ,I Was Talking About Chicken, / Turkey ! Perhaps Goose,
But I Do Enjoy Cock - O - Van
Naughty Boys Often Miss Out On Dessert.?

Also Don't Forget, !! When You Phone Its For Appointments / Details Only !!
Otherwise The Only Other Time I Talk To You Is When Its About Money,
!! No !!
I Don't Want You To Swipe Your Credit Card Down My Ass.
!! It's Totally Unacceptable Darlings !!
Cash Only.
Enjoy The Menu.

All Content Copyright © Mistress Elizabeth Payne