Follow Me

If you not visited the world of Payne , then its time to follow me , I take you to a world one you never been to or visited before. That's were I will open your eyes as you enter the world of Payne.and all that goes with it . Whether it consists of Tie and Tease / Sensual / To Payne . Or Your Fantasy , But I know you want to enter as well as know that you also want / crave it, too, !! Don't You ?, After all you have been having wet dreams about it , !! Ask yourself the Question ?? Yes , You've answered and ticked The Box Correctly, But when you enter , you then know /relise its for real no Pretence !! No Escape !! I smile at the thought or thoughts. Then As I see you standing in there With your eyes open wide looking all confused, I Know It's time to make my move on you , I begin to strut towards you and as I begin to close your eyes, knowing / seeing that you're heart / desire, is in it , and there's nothing you can do a thing about it .As you start to begin you're journey with Payne You realise , what I've got is what you need but , I promise you I wont do anything you you can't get into or out of but whisper in your ear I'm going to drive you wild .

Perhaps if you can't feel all I do to you, then I guess were not from the same place were you thought you belong too, and you found yourself out of your depth with me,
. If you want to wear a Mask for me , Or if you'd like me to, Be a doctor and wear one ,I will do so whilst I examine every inch of you , see how fit you are for Payne .If you decide to be a Slave to me , But never my lover, but I will strike you down ,!! But a man never got a woman back by crawling on it's knees.

Perhaps I Smoother You In Many Ways ? , and ask you !! Can you Breath ? Whilst I Suffocate You and Get Down Mmmmm, Darling You Know You Want It , Don't You ? I Smirk / Laugh As I Do so etc,  There's no pretending with you as I know I'm winning , But soon to be your ending, I'm You're maker and now your my taker it works for me , and now you too, as I get at you. 

I will give you something to turn your lips too, not to mention your ass, I grab you but you find it exciting as much as I do but then I get nasty, I may even ask you !! Is the Skin To Tight On Your Ass! !! Don't worry Payne will Stretch it, !! Are the Chains to Tight ? ! ? Does It Hurt ? After all it's in your nature and mine to , it brings out the animal in you , but the Beast in me .
When the Beast is Impaled deep within you , we be stuck together. Yet you howl like a dog in heat !! Begging me Please , But I tell you the Beast won't sleep tonight as you and I work your Ass,
This is just the beginning to a beautiful ending but I Gauren-tease you It won't be plastic It's Real ???.

But as I state , A Man has never got a Woman back by Begging on it's Knees and Crawling at Her Heels or Her Stocking Seam Cladded Legs , 
But Payne Doesn't Recognise the Boy Before Her , Now That's has now Becum The Man / Slave To Her Now, as he to finds, himself now has Becum 

Ask Yourself Are You The Man For Payne ? As She Will Judge You Sentence You ?
I Leave You With The Thought Or Thoughts For Now,

Well You Know Were I Am Darlings, If I'm not within your Mind ? I'm at the end of the phone . If I'm unable to answer your call it means I'm Busy/ Engaged but not With A Ring On My Finger Either , I've Had Many A Ring On My Finger ? !! Lost count 
But Not A. Gold One !! Not That I've Had No Offers , 
My Choice Darlings.
But do keep trying untill you hear my voice answer your call

No Payne Is here to stay Waiting for you.. Even If You Strayed .?. But Darlings .At A Price . I'm Sure We Get Lost Togeather Again.? When The Darkness Takes Over You Again. Don't Let Others Stumble On Your Dreams

My Payne Is Always Yours Darling ? Yee ,Say It Again .Let Me Hear You Beg For It Again And Again.  Ohh Right From The Start.,Hey You Long  For It,.I Know Darlings.
Now All. I Want You To Do Is Cry , For Me  Is Tears From Your Eyes Or Your Pathic Cock That Stands Before Payne. Amuse Me !!,Whilst I Can Laugh

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