The Room He Found Himself In ,Was Dressed For Payne. That Awaits All Who Enter
I Whisper Into Ears .... !! Trust Me !! But Thats Something One Cannot Buy, But Can Be Earned , But Always Remember If You Think You Have Lost Your Way On your Journey , One Thing You Will Always Remember Me !! Yes Im The One Who Told You, I Would Make Your Head Come Undone, Or Even Fuck It Up Even More Than It Was Already Was . Though Your Not My Type !! Well You Had Been Looking At Me Close And All The Things I Do, Now, You Find Yourelf In Paynes Room . A Suit Dont Make A Man , Its I That Makes A Man, And Turns Him Into The Whimp He Know He Is And Always Will Be, But Pretends To Himself And To The Outside World, And The Public, He Is All Man , But I know Differently , For I Am Ominiscient , But Payne Makes Him Stronger. In All Aspects ?. Dogs Go For Bones But Real Men Go For Curves , And Not Whats In Between The Legs , But Its Whats Is In Between The Ears , Yes Darling, Its The Mind Im Talkng About . Ive Already Stated Once Before But Will Say It Again .
A Girl Will Play With Your Mind , Were As A Woman Like Me Will Explore It And So Much More , Maybe Im Wrong . But I Leave The Thought Or Thoughts With You , Perhaps You Will Live A life Of Regret Of Not Or Never Finding Out , !! Whimp !! Yes Fairy Tales Can Cum True . But Be Careful What You Wish For ??
Most Already Knew What Type Of Woman I Was And Am To This Day And Remain To Be So , A Sadist / Sensual Woman Going From One Extream To Another In Any Aspect I feel I Need To Be At The Time,

Do Bare That In Mind .I Also Like To Dress For The Occasion In An Outfit I Think Is Suitable , Or That Is Requested For Me To Wear For A Session , 
Im Not A Mannequin On The Catwalk To Model Or Change Outfits For You .

You May Not Like Me , But Love Me. Yes I Treat You Badly Looks Like I Have A Hold On You Some How, Perhaps In More Ways Than You Thought Or Relised ? . Now That Does Make Me Smile , Miles Part But Seconds Away From Your Mind But Somehow You May Sit Around With Your Head In A Cloud, And Ask Yourself The Question Sliently In Your Mind ,Wondering What Would Life Be Like Without Payne ? Even Though I Treat You Bad , Make You Cry, But Im Certain A Life Without Payne Would Be Lonely / Boreing Some How For You....... As I Would Also Experiance , If I Could Not Be The Cruel Wickered Deliciouse Bitch I Was Born To Be To This Day , And I'm Not Going To Change Now. I Thank My Parents For What I Am. Without Them I Would Not Of Been Created Or Excisted , Or You Never Knowing Me Or What Im About , ( Perhaps As Others See Me / Tell Me Im A Mystery Or Even An Enigma ..... ! Call Me Anything You Like , Darlings But Not To Early,! As Some Have Already Done So ???. I Know What I Am.... But Do You Know, Or Realise What You Are ? ? ?... Yes Perhaps A Nothing ,A Sad Person , Or Even Better Still, Something , I Do Scrape Off My Shoe ! . But You Already Know That , You And Others , Just Need To Remind Yourself Often Enough , Your A Shit, And You Should Be Left Alone In The Darkest Black Hole Of Dispare Buried , And Forgotten About As Many Have Done Or Will Do So With Likes Of You ...... Guess You Will Always Be That In Life , But Your Wanting To Be Someone Like Me But Could Or Never Or Will Be . Sticks And Stones May Break My Bones But Names Will Never Hurt Me . ! Dont Punish Yourself Thats My Job ,! ? Im Not Responsible For Your Unhappiness, I Surjest You Get A Life And Stay Out Of Mine...

. Do Remember The Beauty Of A Woman Is Not The Clothes She Wears Or The Silouette She Carries, Or The Way She Styles Her Maine , Or The Makeup She Wears , Yes The Beauty Of Woman Is In Her Eyes ,Beauty Is Reflected In Her Soul In The Careing And Passion She Gives Throughout Passing Years And It Will Show, And Will Be Returned Back To Her. But The Best Curve On Any Woman Is Her Smile .
All Your Life You Wondered About Women Like Me, But Found Yourself Lost To Me In Differant Ways, Of Course You Cannot Or Dare Ask Any One Else The Question , Im Your Dark Secret Even Your Filthy Secret , Only You Would Know And Can Only Answer What You Have Already Asked Yourself Sliently In Thought, Or Thoughts . But Were Others Have Been Disrespectful Towards Me I Leave Behind , And Just Walk Away , Like An Orchestra That Leaves There Stand . Only Leaveing Them To A Dream I Was , Or Known / Experainced , Or Thoughts Of What Ever They Wish To Think Of Or Comes To Their Small Sad Mind , Even More So , I'm There Worst Nightmare ? Another's Dream .

Do I Care ? No I Don't ? I May Be On There Mind , But There Certainly Not On Mine, , I Still Continue To Blow My Own Trumpet Where Others Listen And Dance To My Tune, Thats All That Matters , There Just Shadows Of The Past That Some Wish To Be Still Apart Of In My Life Or Future , Yes I'm One Of A Kind , But I Do Know The Mistress Will Sleep Tonight. Whilst Others Toss And Turn / Cry .Even Dream If Not , I'm Sure They Be Wet Dreams About Me In There Pit ,

He Felt My Touch., What Went Through Him Like A Thousand Electric Volts. I Knew I Was Like An Exposed Wire To His Naked Body , Id Ignited A Spark, Set The Fire A Burning Desire . It Makes Me So Much More Hungry Wanting To Adminster More To The One That Awaits Me , It Seems The More I Give The More He / Others Need From Me, In So Many Ways ??
As You Lay There Helplessly For Me I Place My Finger Tips To Your Eyelids Whisper In Your Ear ,Close Your Eyes. Yes I Will Tell You The Reason Being So !! Yes Im Your Strength , Your My Weakness, You're At My Mercy , I Reach Out And Touch Your Chest , Knowing Your Every Heart Beat Is And Belongs To Me , And Is Mine , The Gas Mask Comes Down Over Your Face Soon The Gas Is Administrated Slowly Into The Mask Your Eyes Begin To Flicker , You Try So Hard To Fight It ,. !! .... Yes Thats It Close Your Eyes I Tell You. !! ... Yes Im The Reason Why You Are Breathing, Your Eyes Glance At Me Sideways With Pity In Them , I Just Stare Back Into Them, Whether Its A Cold Or Wickered Look That Reflects Back Into Yours . But I Can Assure You My Red Shiny Painted Lips Will Curl Up And Smirk Back At You .... Then As I Reach Out And Press The Button Only To Adminster More Gas , All You Can Do Is Inhale , The More I Do So , The More You Breath In, And I Laugh Even More So As You Do , And Tell You, !! Who Will Save Or Rescue You ? !!. Words Start To Fumble From Your Lips Your Speach Is Failing You, I Cannot Understand, Or Do I wish To Understand What Your Trying To Say, Its One Of The Effects Of Loseing Your Control To Me,. All I Can Do Is Laugh All The More At You.
Then At Last You Have Closed Your Eyes , Your Soul Is Mine To Take, As Well As Your Body , Let A lone Your Mind ,Perhaps Theres A Certain Type Of Light You See , What Does It Bring For You Reflections / Shadows / Images Of The Past Maybe Even More ? ?... Your Head Begins Spinning Like A Spiral , Or Even Like A Clock Whose Hands Are Sweeping , As The Minutes Sees Its Face , Or Even A Revloveing Door , As You Enter , Or Like A Tunnel That Begins , Or It's Hopes Of Never Ending , Pictures Of Your Mind Stand Out So Clear , Perhaps A Feeling Of Being Lost , Or Loseing Your Mind , No Your Not Blind ! You Have Only Closed Your Eyes ...... , All Experience Differantly ? , But Towards The End Of Your Journey, I Will Be There To Catch You Even If You Fall , Your Safe, 
. I Will Always Be There No Matter How ?. Then As You Slowly Return Back To Me , I Return You Back To The Real World You Came From . Only To Have Entered mine. .

The Days Will Cum And Go , Untill You Return , But Images Of Your Mind Will Stand Out So Clear , But You Will See Me And More, ?
Yes You Invited Me Into Your Thoughts, , After All I Didnt Invite Myself, Or Enter , Without Being Invited ,Not Even At My Own Risk , 
I Smile / Laugh At The Thought Or Thoughts. 
It Was You Who Took That Risk ,
Your Eyes Remain Closed Now I Must Do What I Have To Do 
Wouldnt You Just Love To Know What Went On , Or Happens ? 
Of Course You Would , 
Curiosity Did Kill The Cat .
You Will Have To Vist The Room Of Payne , But Will You Remember ? ? If Your Like One Guy Who Contacted Me The Next Day Via Phone Asking Me, Did We Session Yesturday ? ! Yes Is My Replie , He Responds I Cant Remember . I Answer Darling I Do Have That Effect, And Ended The Converstion ,
I Smile To This Day And Ask Him When He Returns Back To Me !! Only To Ask 
!! You Do Remember ? ! His Reply
! Yes Mistress .

As Once My Words Were Said Or Rather I Told Him .

To A Judge
I Was Sentanceing Him ,
After Sessioning .
I Told Him
!! Remember This Face , 
I Only Go Down For A Price , 
You Should Know That ? !!
We Laughed Said Our Goodbyes.
Case Was Dismissed
And Thrown Out

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