Enter At Own Risk

Me And Mistress Elizabeth Payne, and Other Deciples / Subservaiants , ...Will Always Have A Thing Going On... Were All Gather To Worship Her Daily / Weekly /Monthly .... Or As We Can Do So, Visit But Enter At Our Own Risk... If Not We Spunk Spert In Privacy , We Pour /Spill Our Seed In Worship Of Her. If We Are Unable To Communicate In Person ....She Does Not Summons Us , But We Have This Urge To Be With Her , Like A Dieter Craves Choclate , An Alcoholic Requires Alcohol.  We Also Crave Her More And More. Until The Need Is Greater Beyond Our Control And A Must Have To Satisfy The Bitter Taste We Hunger For, But Require In So Many Ways She Knows How To Wet Our Appetite knows Our Taste Buds / Dislikes , As She Prepares Herself Like An Excotic Dish To Which All Await Hungrily Waiting To Be Served , Soon If Not Sooner ... As She Controls Us Enlightens Us With Her Pressance. Yes. We Kneel Once Again Before Payne....Accepting All , As She Inflicts Punishment To Our Bodies Even Our Mind . Not To Mention The Verbal Abuse . But We Still Commit To Her , Wanting To Spill / Pour Our Seed , But Only As The Cunterlarex Sees Fit For Us To Do So Or Demands.Of Us Worthless Mortals , To Hold Our Pathic Cocks That Salute Her And Wank It In Her Presence , The Great Almighty One ,Who Is Spiller And Spunker Of Cock....We Crawl To Her Feet And Fall !!,Begging Please !! ..She Can Only Say The Word ....!!,Yes Permission Granted Or It's Denied !!... Either Way We Accept The Word Of Payne And Be Grateful For Being In Her Pressance As We Crawl Back To The World Were Used Too In Our Daily Boreing Lives , But Also A Longing To Return To The House Of Worship Or Of ill Repute When We Can .... A Journey One Can Only Take Either In Body Or Mind.... Ohh What A World What A Life To Belong Too, And So Many Do, Why Cant You ? Guess Some People Get There Kicks, Stumble On Your Dreams ,Then Only You Can Have Wet Dreams ,Don't Torture Yourselves That's My Job. Guess Thats Life Darlings I Smile.

Darlings I'm Often Asked. Vía phone /Email ..Am I For Real ? My Reply Is..... !! Ohh I'm For Real Darling You Just Not Met Me Yet.... Where Have You Been Hiding ?, ....Payne Was Always Here , But I'm Only On. Loan To This World And To You Sinners ....To Make Your Dreams ,Becum Reality , Yes Catch Me If You Can Before I Return To Another ? ...Gods Wish Amén ,Or As. I Would Say Our Men. Yes A Payne But Such A Pleasure I Gave All Sinners ./Deciples Who Longed To Worship At My Álter...And To Suffer On To Me And For Me. And Did Do So ... But Like You And Many Others Never Made That Journey For One Reason Or Another, Or I Did Not Allow You That Privilege As I Found You Not Worthy / Fit Enough Not Even To Lick The Dirt Off My Boots Or To ,Be In My Presence .I Won't Of Told You Go To Hell , But Thats Were I Put So Many Then Heaven ...Or Even Tell You !! Go Fuck Yourself But You Do That Already . Don't You ?... I Say No More To The Worthless Ones I Choose To Ignore Because They Long To Hear That Verbal Abuse Fall From My Red Lips And Would Only Get Excited And Wank / Pour There Worthless Seed , Yes Raise Your Cocks Again And Again Salute My Absence..... Pray / Spray And Cuntinue For Me To Give Them Hell /Pleasure.As I Did In This World And Forever In Eternity .Memories Are All I Leave You With But Never To Be Forgotton See You In Hell Darlings .

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