Only In Dreams I'm Yours, I Walk With You As Well As Talk / Touch / Control You, But When The Dawning Awakes You Then You Find Me Gone. 
Make It Reality Not Fantasy, Let Me Take You By The Hand, Come To Me, Then I Can Be Your Dream.Yes I Got Ruby Lips And Shapely Hips
Guess You Even Dream Of My Pink Rose Petals ,That Unfold For You, Yes Hot / Tight , ,There Velvet Warmth, Clamping Around Your Throbbing Desire, Wishing I Was There With You To Subject To My Capricious Whim. Your Heart Pounding , , Cock Swollen And Throbbing Your Mind Is Not Your Own To Command, Yes Powerful All Hail Zombie- Like .You Follow Instructions All Will Be Poured All Will Be Drained ........ Reason Flees , , When I'm With You How Long Can You Dream Me ??

Like A Ferris Wheel Were I Leave You Dangling, Until I Decide To Bring The Lever Down, Like A Dark Tunnel You Will Find Me. I'm You're Light To Take You To The Depths Of The World You Want To Belong , Were The World You Now Live In Will Be Knocked Down, I Will Show You The World I Belong To, As Many Others Do Belong In, Yes My World We're I Was Born To Be A Part Of And You Have A Right To Belong In !! Welcome To My World.! ! ,Yes Perhaps You Try So Hard Not To Think Of Me, The More You Do So, Then So Many Pictures Stand Out In Your Mind,.Could We Be Smoke Without The Fire ??

Resistance Is Futile, , , Like A Drug I'm Taken Slowly, 

I'm Not A Woman That Needs A Man, Its A Man Like You That Needs And Requires Women Like Me .But Sadly So Many Dream About. Yes I'm A Woman That Can Be Mean As Can Be, Don't You Wish I Was Mean To You,?? Everything I Do, I Sure Do It Good.

You're Words Are Not Worthy Of My Consumption, You Know That And Will Try To Do Better And Better, To Please Me ,You Will Reward Me , With The Occasional Delight Which You Hope I Will Treasure In My Mind, You're Pole Of Worship That Stands Proudly For The Attention Of !! Mistress Elizabeth Payne. !! It's Execuberance Will Be Cumming Out Like A Fountain Of Joy. Accompanied By Involuntary Sqeaks And Lusty Grunts, Whether It Be Of Pleasure Or Payne, Knowing You Will Never Experience The Greatest Pleasure This Earth Has To Offer, 

For That Is The Way Of Mistress !! Call Me Elizabeth Payne. As It Is, And Will Be Evermore Like A Virus I Spread? ?

I Shall Leave You With The Thought Or Thoughts .For Only The Lonely ,For Some Tomorrow Never Comes. Only Wet Dreams Mmmm

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