Darkest Hours

Arrived At Last

She Was to be good to be true when Mistress Elizabeth Payne , arrived at the International Dubai Airport I recognised her , . I knew then it was for real my journey was just the beginning, , as I helped her with her luggage, if your like me the thoughts and sight left me weak. Let alone thoughts of what would be in her cases, Yes in my darkest hours later I stood before Mistress Elizabeth Payne, , I knew I'd not let her down or her me , although I did have doubts as they crept threw my mind as the time came nearer for her vist to me here in Dubai, I needed discretion I received all ,
Mistress guided me I knew all was in front of me , all I needed was guidance, yes she did that perfectly, After all it was my 1st time in serving a Mistress, I did browse others but for somehow Mistress Elizabeth excited me and still does to this day,

Payne was the answer to all my questions and the doubts I had soon disappeared, Yes she told me after a few lengthy phone calls and internet chat , she was a Dangerous Woman not a woman to be messed around with, , I realised and discovered this and so much more on her vist, Yes a Mistress A fantasy and yet a beautiful woman, but also human , lovely ways about her, perhaps many don't see that side of her , Only what they wanted or wished to see in a Mistress, , But I saw so much more. In this woman
But when she stepped into my life here into Dubai armed with her implements she was like no other woman I'd met or faced before, , thats when I became her Marionett her holding the strings as though wrapped around her finger tips, , As I looked into her hypnotising eyes , ( Which are very much so ) obeying the orders that fell from her red lips, were else could I be but on my knees obeying all she requested from me.
I looked into her eyes for one more last time as she departed back to the UK, In the days she was here she showed me her world as I showed her mine here in Dubai, I know me and Mistress Elizabeth Payne have a good thing going on , yes I know its wrong but at the same time she will be making plans ,dressing for others as she did for me, but she goes her way I go mine, but she stays in my mind, But for once in my I no longer fear Payne , or should other's
Thank you Mistress Elizabeth Payne
Your Humble Slave

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