Cum Get It Slave

You do realise slave I can do anything I want ?. As I can give you a sexy but filthy dirty look ,yes I know it's your fantasy ,but it's you now turning it into reality. Otherwise you wouldn't be here with me, I would only remain in your mind still and that's why your here with me .Is it not ? .
! ! Yes I've been expecting you, !! 
So as your here with me now. Nothing else matters to me . But it does you as I begin to grip and cuff your wrists and tell you.. !! Theirs so much more I'm going to do with you, it's been such a long time. But I can assure you nobody does it just like me. Yes you saw it coming and now it's actually happening, But words may be thought of or maybe be spoken from your lips. 
!! Hey take it easy !! or simular wordings used
Although I cannot gag your mind but I can hear it. But I do know and yes I can and will do so take a gag and apply it to your mouth, If I don't wish to hear any more talk from you. .Only your moans and groans. from the applied gag that I've specially choosen for you and yet will fit so perfectly. Although I may hear or pretend not to hear your mind silently crying from inside but yet its screaming aloud to me, ,Or perhaps it be from your eyes that cry. ? even those. I would not see either from behind a Hood or Blindfold ,unless they stream down onto your cheeks . Only if the eyes are only Blindfolded would I see tears for and of Payne, But do I see them is another thing.
But I do tell you 
As Always satisfaction is Gauren-teased but whose end yours or mine . Darling ?
That's my promise to you or us both

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