Car Breakdown

Stephenson. Car had broken down on a quiet country lane.
He set the alarm and set off walking along the side road. His phone battery was flat, so he couldn't even call for a breakdown truck., there's bound to be a country pub with a  phone I can make a call from . 
It was a warm evening, so he didnt mind too much walking, it was just that he didnt exactly know where he was.He knew he was  in  the Wirral Countryside, 
After about 10 minutes, he heard a car approaching. He stuck his thumb out in the hope of hitching a lift. This was the first car he had seen but it drove past him.
Oh well he thought. There might be another in about 10 mins.
As luck would have it, he heard another car.
He stuck his thumb out again, not expecting it to stop. It drove past him but stopped about 30 yards up the road.
He walked a litle faster and opened the passenger door. Saw it was a woman
'Where are you heading'?  She asked 
'Anywhere where there is a phone' he said.
'Have you broken down? . Only  that 'I saw a car parked up about a few miles down the road' is that yours?, she asks him
'That will be mine 'John replies, 
'Ok, hop in and i will give you a lift, she said.
As he got in, he noticed for the first time that the driver was an attractive blonde, but what struck him more was the way she was dressed.
She had a white blouse, a black pencil skirt, black stockings and high heel shoes, glasses on but the strangest thing, where  the long black leather gloves she wore, as it being a warm evening.his thoughts were distracted , when she spoke,
!!'Put your seat belt on please. You know its the law! she said. It sounded a little stern he thought, a little more  like an order,
He did as he was told.
'Before we set off, I just need to get something from the back seat' she said.
'I can get it if you want?' he said and his head to turned round to lean into the back.of the car his eyes saw  a black briefcase on the back seat and as he tried to reach out with his arm for it ,
'No its ok, I will get it' she said and got out of the car and slid into the back.
He heard her fidgeting about in the back.
'Have you found what you are looking for?' he asked and at the same time, he started to smell something. 'Whats that smell?' he asked.
'I just knocked over my nail polish. Sorry. Could you get something out of the glove compartment for me? she asked.
'No problem' he replied.'By the way, my name is John,  Hi  I'm Elizabeth she said with  smile from her red lips.

He lent forward and opened the glove compartment. Inside was another pair of leather gloves and some leather cuffs. Strange he thought but said' What is you want?'
At that moment, he felt the leather gloved hands pull his head back and clamp over his nose and mouth. A strong smell filled his senses. He started to struggle but he started to feel strange and weaker. What the hell is happening, he thought. Then he heard her voice. 'Dont struggle. Just breathe in and it will all be over soon'. He still tried to struggle but it was no good. He felt his arms drop away from her gloved hands. 'Good boy, a few more breathes and i can take the cloth away'.
He didnt pass out but all the strength had gone from him. His head was spinning and there wasnt anything he could do.
He heard her get into the front of the car and lean across him and take the cuffs out of the glove compartment. She fastened his hands in the cuffs and fastened him also to the seat.
Then she calmly drove away not saying another word.
Where was she taking him? What was she going to do to him?
He would have to wait and see........

He lost  track of time and his vision was blurred. His head was spinning too but he tried to stay calm.
At  he felt his senses starting to return and he turned to look at Elizabeth.
'Where are you taking me? What have you done to me?' he asked.
'Ah, your coming round and we are nearly there' she replied,' but we cant have that ,can we?' and she pulled the car up at the side of the road.
He watched as she took out the cloth again and pour a liquid onto the cloth.
'Back to dreamland for you, John, she said as she held the cloth firmly against his nose and mouth again. The fumes invaded his nose and he felt himself slipping into a dreamy state.
'That good. Nice deep breathes' she cooed and laughed wickedly at him,  as  he felt his body go limp once again.
She pulled the car away again and drove away, a slight giggle escaped her lips.
'Next come  the fun  she said. He could hear it all words / laughter,   but it sounded so far away.
He didnt know how long they drove for or exactly were he was, but he heard the car slowing down and then  engine stop.
Elizabeth got out and walked round to the passenger side and opened the door. She leant across and undid the seat belt and the fastening so that John could get out of the car, but his legs werent working properly.
She helped him out but he felt weak and wobbly.
As she locked the car, John saw a man passing. He wanted to cry out !! Help Me !! Can't you see the state I'm in ?  But his speach was slurred, surely the  cuffs must be a give away that something was wrong, not normal,  , , Does this man not see them , John thought,
As calm as anything, Elizabeth turned to the man and said' just  typical he's had a bit too much to drink, on a stag night . and I've had to go and fetch him.' She laughs the man also laughs and walks on shaking his head,and continued to walk on , leaving him alone with Elizabeth,
 John could only look and hopefully this  man would stop and turn back rescue him. No he just continued walking.   
Leaning on her shoulder, she lead him up a garden, through a gate and down some stone steps, he finds himself at, black door , she quickly unlocked it  , pushed it open and lead him into a dimly lit hallway and then through a door into a room painted purple. It wasnt the colour that bothered him though, but the furniture. In the middle of the room was a large leather covered bench. Elizabeth led him to this and sat him on the edge.
James could feel the drug starting to wear off but was still weak. If he could pretend for a little longer that he was still under its influence, he might regain enough strength to escape. His arms were still fastened together but he might be able to over power her if he could just get his head straight.
He sat still and watched Elizabeth turn her back on him.
Just a bit longer he thought and i will have a chance.
At that moment, Elizabeth turned round. In her leather gloved hand was a clear mask. Faster that he realised, she clamped the mask over his nose and mouth, holding it firm. The force pushed him back onto the bed. He raised his fastened hands and grabbed her leather clad wrists but again the fumes started to over power him.
'Naughty boy. I could tell the drug was wearing off and you were thinking of escape. Now you will have to go under again' she said.'Breathe it in all the way'
He didnt have a choice and felt himself drifting under once again.
He didnt know how long he had been left but when he started to come round, he realised that his arms and legs had been fastened to the bench.
What the hell was she going to do? he thought
A moment later he saw the door opening and in walked Elizabeth but she had changed. She was still wearing her leather gloves but she had on a navy blue nurses uniform.
'Glad to see that you are back with us' she said.' I need to run a few tests on you and take a sample to check that you are ok. If you struggle, you will get pain but if you do as i say, It will all be over and you might even enjoy it'
'First i need to take your blood preasure'. She walked over and fastened a black rubber cuff round his arm and she started to pump it. He felt it go tight. Wasn't she meant to let the air out, he though, but she just left it on. He felt his arm start to tingle. 'Thats a little uncomfortable' he said. 'Oh dear. Is it? ' she said with a smile. 'Now for your heart beat' as she lifted his T shirt up and placed the cold stethoscope to his chest. 'A little fast she says looking at him.
He was really scared but tried to brave it out. Just then, her gloved fingers grabbed and squeezed his nipples. He cried out as she twisted them, smilling at him. She let go and clamped a gloved hand over his mouth. 'Try not to scream out. We would want anyone to find you like this would we?' she said
She let him breath again and walked behind him so he couldn't see. he could hear things being moved about. When she came back into view, she was holding a black rubber mask in her hand
'What are you doing?' he asked nervously.
'Its time for you to have a little sleep before  i take my sample' she said and pushed the mask over his face.
He heard a sharp hiss. He didnt know what she was doing but he tried to hold his breath.
'Thats no good. Take a breathe for  nurse she told him , and at the same time rubbed her hand onto his very erect penis.
The shock made him take a large gulp of the gas.
'Good boy, Nice deep breathes'
He felt his head start to spin. Not like before. Everything slowed down and her voice became distant.
A whooshing sound filled his head, with a spinning as he felt himself passing out into blackness.
When he came round, his jeans were undone and his boxer shorts pulled down.
'Back with us again. Now for my sample, her gloved hand clamped firmly  once again over his nose and mouth. He felt her gently grip his penis and start to move up and down.
'Thats a good boy. Smell the leather glove and relax !! Don't you love the smell of leather she asks him now. !! Let yourself go  and  cum.for me!!
He could feel his orgasm building but couldn't stop himself from holding  back, it felt good , the leather glove on his cock not to mention be stroked and wanked by it.
Let it flow out  and Spunk  for nurse' she said as she to continued to wank him.
He came  in floods his torso shaking in spasms, as he poured for her ,His screams of spunk spurting , only to be  muffled into the gloved hand that held his breath whilst he did, Whilst  her other  gloved hand and fingers collected his sample. 
'Good boy. That was nice wasnt it?'
 Eyes looking back at hers he nodded, yes, but also a feeling of being so shocked and humiliated,  to what just took place and happened to him, He was sure it would haunt him for the rest of his life,
He felt her put a wet wipe go  over his  penis.and cum 
Then she clamped the gas mask over his face again and fired another shot of gas into him.
As his head started to spin, he heard her say ' I need more samples, so i have to keep you here for a while longer. I hope you dont mind? she laughed. !! It be like pissing glass for you  !! As I continually to do so, Now breathe deeply and we can start all over again!! She laughed but only louder. 
That was the last he heard not to mention his own  thoughts knowing he was going to be milked again but also not, Knowing what the recovery would  be  like , Payne - fully  with continuess milking was the last thought in his head as he went slowly under, then darkness over took.

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