Mistress Elizabeth Payne will State. once Again and again, even if she does appear or is miles away from you... But remains seconds away from one's mind., 
Do Remember it's you that invites me into your mind, 
As I would not or never do or go to were I'm not Invited . That I give you my word ...But you are also are aware that you should Never never Ever Invite yourself to me un announced. That is the Rule.
How dare You !! . Always remember .It's You who invited me In and that is the only time walked I into your life !! As you will find and will see for yourself somehow , I've taken over. and occupy your mind .Perhaps not all of the time. but often enough. You don't occupy mine that's for sure .as I do yours.
But some have made a Big big mistake with me, !! Yes of course you know who you are . !! Don't You ? . !! I leave you with those thoughts and you alone.
!! But as you realise I said Goodbye. Bye byeeee... . Some time ago and will continue to do so. But for now can only wish they could move that much more closer or further with myself , than they already had done but without success. ?. But we're others have now done so and will continue to do , so.
Darling theirs always someone else to take your place. !! Did you imagine my Face looked Bothered ?...Hahahhhhhaaaa

Not as yours does now , or your mind reacts now. But I can only smile of whose laughing now !! Yes take a closer look at yourself and not in the mirror but deep within your mind .. As and we're others begin there journey with Payne yours ended, but you can now only wish you could of traveled that much further... But you're foolishness let you down .I'm not the fool you thought I was like in a pack of cards but you sure are. The Game ended at your end but I still play and you can't
I don't play with Fools. To which you found out and any others who think I'm A Fool !! WARNING !! Think Again. 
As other's now fill and continue to do so , and take your place... and now begin to feel the , Laces of Hoods. tightening. Masks covering visions but leaving minds only remembering but spinning, to what you 1st saw as you entered the room of Payne. Gags to keep you silent. Chains / Collar / Cuffs begin clicking and fasten into place Adding the additional Jewellery to the body as I seem fit to make it more appealing to me to handle and admire ,and so much more. As it hangs from you ... Then as I whisper in there ear and not yours . 
I'm now going to give you Payne and Pleasure in every way you only dreamt about or thought could possibly happen to you. As my High heels or Boots strut about the room , but not leaving one's mind as I do so but keep all wondering were I'm walking too or what my arms are reaching out for ?..... Is it the toys I hold in my hand for my pleasure but for your Payne or is it both ? . One will soon find out . Even if I do disappear from the room , leaving you in a postion of no escape or cannot get out of ..!! What are you going to do about it ? Try and do the great escape become Houdni ? ,... !! Remember he died trying to escape .
But all some can do can only now Is hold. Tissues to hand and cry aloud and whisper my name as they Pour there Seed from There Pathic cock and not there eyes
In Honour but can only really dream of me .
Pathetic but how true But is it you ?? 
Then perhaps You cry me a river.let them flow ... As you do so with your spunk But will your voice be as calm as the sea that cums in splashes or big roaring waves.
More like the little rain puddles only you could produce.. I would or do not care to know or wish to find out.
It's you that now Suffers in silance
That's Payneful

Slaves that have required overnights stay . To which is Very very rarely granted. Or not often as they would love to . But I know I leave their minds wandering. , But dare they ask me . As I prepare myself for a decent night's sleep after a days work . They can only ask that question slightly in mind only .
I say it's mind torture for them. Beautiful and Cruel. But do they sleep do I Care ? I know I do.
Why does the Mistress sleep naked only wearing the highest of heels in bed. and her whip close to her ?
Whilst he is chained / gagged and is helpless at the end of her bed or beneath it 
Darlings Its Maximum Payne for Minimum Effort. ?. 
As Always I Leave You With The Thought Or Thoughts only
With this 
But don't have Nightmares, just Wet One's

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