Lady Payne Delivers What You Want

Lady Payne sharpens her claws
Planning her mischief, and making her laws.
She locks the door then turns eyes steely cold
Upon you, and menaces, ‘You’ll do as you’re told.’
You find yourself trussed, or hoisted, or splayed,
Humiliated, degraded, a slave to her trade.

She touches you there, on the stub of your greed
Squeezing and stroking, cajoling and feeds
Your lust, your slug curving proud to the sky
Swollen, empurpled, dribbling slime from its eye,
Then razor-nails raked across penis glans,
And you shrivel, you shrink, a pawn in her hands.

She laughs in your face, and as if to remind
Who’s boss in this place, she stripes your behind
With stinging strokes of a thick leather crop
Delivered with relish, you beg her to stop
But she won’t, after all, you’ve hardly begun
Your one-hour session, and Mistress wants fun!    

She steps back awhile, adjusts her attire
Shows the holy of holies, inflames your desire
Then masturbates, gently mewing and moaning
And, amused, notes that your cock is reboning.
You think she shows kindness, cupping balls in her hands
But she isn’t, and rains down blows on your glands.

You scream, yes you scream, tears well in your eyes
As your balls are abused and Mistress denies
You any relief from the torture you suffer
And responds to your bellows by cutting up rougher
‘You’ll crawl out of here!’ she bawls in her heat
And she means it, for she canes the soles of your feet.

She’ll peg you, hot-wax you, or beat you right blue,
You’re a sissy? Well, Missy, she’s got something for you
A strap-on so big it’ll split your cute butt
And you’ll stain your panties, you little cum-slut!  
Just be sure that you want what you ask of Ms. Payne,
For she delivers in spades and the game’s in the name.

If you’re man enough, call Lady Payne on 07788 861546 NOW

All Content Copyright © Mistress Elizabeth Payne