Elizabeth loved her Cruises but also enjoyed the many views of the Semen working hard beneath lower deck and top deck. But all were there willing to serve her at all times , Sailors waving and holding their flags in hands , She noticed Prince Albert and Master Bates were on aboard standing behind Roger the cabin boy, Captain Pugwash, with his mouth open as usual, Caption Pee-Cock would be the first to welcum her aboard his liner , As he Saluted Elizabeth, yes it was a big one she noticed as it floated in the Harbour Dock, but not to close to the rocks but also not enough to sink her boat. But she would bring him and all sailors that sailed with her .Down to a level they never knew Excisted faster than the Titanic, only to find themselves either floating or drowning as they left there hats on . Crying out aloud whilst the champagne was flowing !! the Queen is on board. Hip hip hooray anchors away were sailing , Indeed. Elizabeth enjoyed her Semen as they sailed togeather. But was wondering as she sat high upon her Throne whilst being entertained !! would his Royal Anus be joining her later on?. She welcomed and blessed all who cum on board the cruise ship 69 and sailed with her on this wonderful journey to warmer climaxes.

Bon Voyage

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